Technical Politics is not a regular news website.

Our primary focus is on government, legal and civic publications, as well as legislation and court rulings.

In the belief that the most significant stories are hidden in plain sight, we source stories by combing through the colossal online output of governments, bureaucracies, international organisations, courts, business, and civil society organisations.

Our original content is a mixture of reportage and comment, with opinion pieces reflecting a range of political perspectives.

The views of individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of Technical Politics. Likewise, republication on this website should not be taken as endorsement by the original authors or publishers of this site, or of any contributor or viewpoint found on this site.

Technical Politics Pro

After a couple of years of providing Technical Politics content for free, in March 2022, we decided to introduce a paywall.

If we consider the various financing models for news websites, it should be obvious that no news content is genuinely free. We believe that a paywall offers the best method for protecting us from undue editorial influence, while funding the work of the website. Approximately, four-fifths of the content on the website will now be available to subscribers only.


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