Last updated at 16.53 on 3 December 2020 (EST).

The following is a list of persons who died of or with COVID-19.

Individuals are listed under their country of citizenship, or where this is not specifically stated, under the country in which they died.

Please feel free to email leads, comments and corrections to us via the contact details at the foot of this article.


Miguel Giubergia, 67, Member of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies (1999-2011). (8 October 2020) [Ambito]

Juan Giménez López, 76, comic book artist. (2 April 2020) [Perfil]

Constantino Juri, 96, theater director and régisseur. Died in Spain. (31 March 2020) [Yahoo]

Marcelo Peralta, 59, saxophonist. (10 March 2020) [Perfil][Jazz Times]


James Kwan, 78, founder, Wel-Travel. (1 March 2020) [ABC]


Mahbubey Alam, 71, Attorney General of Bangladesh. (27 September 2020) [NA]

Anisuzzaman, 83, writer. (14 May 2020) [DS]

Makbul Hossain, 70, former Member of Parliament (1996-2001). (24 May 2020) [BDNews24]

Muhammad Sirajul Islam, 77, Member of Parliament (1973-82). Died in Queens, New York. (4 April 2020) [UNB]


Pearson Jordan, 69, sprinter, Olympian. (28 March 2020) [247 Sports]


Viktar Daškievič, 75, actor. (31 March 2020) [KP]


Philippe Bodson, 73, former head of the Federation of Belgian Business. (4 April 2020) [L’Avenir]

Marc Engels, 54, sound engineer. (9 April 2020) [Le Point]

Suzanne Hoylaerts, 90, Binkom. (22 March 2020) [Fox]

Hoylaerts reportedly told doctors: “I don’t want to use artificial respiration. Save it for younger patients. I already had a good life.”

Marcel Moreau, 86, writer. (4 April 2020) [Le Soir]

Alfons Verplaetse, 90, Governor of the National Bank of Belgium (1989-99). (15 October 2020) [DM]


Fabiana Anastácio, 45, singer. (4 June 2020) [G1]

Daniel Azulay, 72, comic book artist. (27 March 2020) [CD]

Wilson Braga, 88, former Governor of Paraíba (1983–1987) and former Federal Deputy. (17 May 2020) [G1]

Florindo Corral, 70, businessman. (4 April 2020) [Liberal]

David Corrêa, 82, singer-songwriter. (10 May 2020) [G1]

Aldo di Cillo Pagotto, 70, former archbishop of Paraíba. (14 April 2020) [DdN]

Martinho Lutero Galati, 66, conductor. (25 March 2020) [VSP]

Carlos José, 85, singer-songwriter. (9 May 2020) [O Globo]

Naomi Munakata, 64, conductress. (26 March 2020) [FSP]

Abraham Palatnik, 92, artist and inventor. (9 May 2020) [G1]

Sérgio Sant’Anna, 78, writer. (10 May 2020) [FSP]

Célio Taveira, 79, footballer. (29 May 2020) [GE]

Sérgio Trindade, 79, chemical engineer, 2007 Nobel Peace Prize recipient. Died in New York. (28 March 2020) [CD]


Ofelia Rousseva, 78, founder, director, and conductor of the ARFA Ladies Chamber Choir. Died in Pennsylvania, USA. (19 March 2020) [Post Gazette]

Burkino Faso

Marie Rose Compaoré, 62, Vice President of the Burkinabè Parliament. (17-18 March 2020) [Ghana Report][Africa News][Signal NG]


Emmanuel N’Djoke (Manu) Dibango, 86, saxophonist. Died in France. (24 March 2020) [BBC]

Jean Didier Mbeng. Died in Paris, France. (16 March 2020) [CW]

Samuel Wembé, 73, former deputy of the National Assembly. (12 April 2020) [AC]


Claude Beauchamp, 80, editor and journalist. (12 April 2020) [La Presse]

Sandra Cairns, former registered nurse and a civilian police officer. [MSN]

Renée Claude, 80, singer and actress. (12 May 2020) [RC]

Sean Cunnington, 51, salesman and musician, Milton, Ontario. “”They had to keep turning the amount of oxygen that Sean was getting from the ventilator … and then they couldn’t turn the machine up anymore,” she [his wife, Teri] said. … “Teri’s final message is a simple one: listen to the experts and stay indoors.” (18 March 2020) [CTV][Inside Halton]

Ho Cam Ming, 95, martial artist. (9 April 2020) [Sina]

Claude Lafortune, 88, animator. (19 April 2020) [JdM]

Marguerite Lescop, 104, author and editor, Québec. (3 April 2020) [Le Devoir]

Keith Saunders, late 40s, grocery store worker, Ontario. (26 March 2020) [CTV]

Ghyslain Tremblay, 68, actor and comedien. (7 April 2020) [RC]


Sergio Onofre Jarpa, 99, former cabinet member. (19 April 2020) [La Tercera]

Luis Sepúlveda, 70, writer and journalist. (16 April 2020) [El Mundo]


Chang Kai, 55, film director, Hubei Film Studios, together with his sister, Liu Fan, father (28 January 2020) and mother. [BI][Caixin][Deadline][LA Times]

Chen Jian, 26, Cuntian, Yunnan. (12 February 2020) [ZT News]

Du Xiansheng, 55, doctor, Qiong Zhongyangjiang Hospital, Hainan. (23 February 2020) [QQ]

Duan Zhengcheng, 86, chief scientist, National Engineering Research Centre for Digital Manufacturing. (15 February 2020) [BBC]

Fan Tang, 21, doctor, Department of Medical Imaging, Wanxiang Hospital, Quanzhou, Fujian. (10 March 2020) [China]

He Hui, 54, member of the Wuhan Voluntary Driver Team, Wuhan, Hubei. (3 February 2020) [CDB]

Huang Wenjun, 42, respiratory medicine specialist, Xiaogan Central Hospital, Hubei. [DM]

Ji Qun, 72, bodybuilder. (6 February 2020) [BBC]

Jiang Jijun, 52, Department of Infectious Diseases, Taizhou People’s Hospital, Jiangsu. (23 January 2020) [BJD]

Jiang Jinbo, 58, doctor at Dayu County Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Ganzhou, Jiangxi. (28 January 2020) [Health.People]

Jiang Xueqing, 55, party secretary, director, chief physician at Wuhan Central Hospital. (1 March 2020) [BJD]

Li Liang, 36, “cured” coronavirus patient, who tested negative, then died five days later. [Breitbart][SCMP]

Li Wenliang, 33, ophthalmologist, “the first to sound the alarm about the coronavirus outbreak”. (7 February 2020)  [The Week][BGP][DM][Economist][Lancet][SCMP][Fox]

I believe that a healthy society should not have only one voice. [Caixin via Wikiquote]

Liang Wudong, 62, Chief Otolaryngologist, Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. (25 January 2020) [Yicai]

Lin Zhengbin, 63, Chief Organ Transplantation Physician, Tongji Hospital. (10 February 2020) [Yicai]

Liu Fan, 59, nurse, Liyuan Street Community Health Center, Wuhan, Hubei. (12 February 2020) [Yicai][Los Angeles Times]

Liu Shouxiang, 62, professor and artist. (13 February 2020) [BBC]

Liu Wenxiong, 50, doctor, Sanfutan Township Health Center, Xiantao, Hubei. (13  February 2020) [Legal Daily]

Liu Xiaoxian, 83, professor, Tonji Medical College’s School of Public Health. (13 February 2020) [Yicai]

Liu Zhiming, 51, Head of the Wuchang Hospital, Wuhan, Hubei. [NPR][ST][LA Times]

Luo Xuan, 38, doctor, Tianmen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Hubei. (30 January 2020) [The Paper]

Mao Lianhong, 52, Deputy Director at Xianyang Central Health Center, Fujian. (25 January 2020) [CPC News]

Mei Zhongming, 57, a Deputy Director and Chief Physician at Wuhan Central Hospital. (3 March 2020) [BJD]

Peng Yinhua, 29, People’s No. 1 Hospital, Jiangxia District, Wuhan, Hubei. Dr. Yinhua postponed his wedding to help treat COVID-19 patients. (20 February 2020) [ST][LA Times][Hong Kong FP]

Qiu Qiu, 51, Deputy Director and Attending Physician, Wuhan Gutian Street Community Health Service Center, Hubei. (10 February 2020) [China Press]

Song Yingjie, 29, pharmacist, Maji Health Center, Hunan. Died of exhaustion after days of saving lives. (3 February 2020) [LA Times] [Sina]

Song Yunhua, 46, doctor, Taiping Community Clinic, Baoshan, Yunnan. (31 January 2020) [Caixin]

Wang Shuo, 36, doctor, Hubei Guangdong Occupational Disease Control Hospital. (13 March 2020) [WSJKW]

Wang Tucheng, 37, Xinwangzhuang, Henan. “His diagnosis was also cardiac arrest due to overwork and fatigue.” [LA Times]

Wang Xianliang, 62, Chinese politician, former chief of Ethnic and Religion Affairs Commission of Wuhan. (26 January 2020) [Caixin]

Xia Sisi, 29, gastroenterology physician, Union Jiangbei Hospital of Wuhan, Hubei. (23 February 2020) [ST][LA Times]

Xiao Jun, 50, general surgeon, Wuhan Red Cross Hospital, Hubei. (8 February 2020) [Wikipedia]

Xu Defu, 69, professor, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine. (13 February 2020) [Yicai]

Xu Hui, 51, Vice-Head, Nanjing Hospital of Chinese Medicine, Jiangsu Province. “…worked for 18 days straight, then went home after a meeting on Feb. 6, “lay down and never got up,”…” (7 February 2020) [GF][LA Times]

Yan Cheng, 17. Young man with cerebal palsy, “left at home for six days without care while his relatives were quarantined on suspicion of having the Wuhan coronavirus… leaving Cheng at home without regular care, food or company. … [His father] wrote in another post that he had been notified by the village party officials that his son had only been fed twice between Friday and Tuesday. Yan’s Weibo account was later deleted.” [SCMP]

Yang Chongqui, 66, professor, School of Management, Wuhan Institute of Technology. (25 February 2020) [ET]

Yang Xiaobo, 57, Mayor of Huangshi, Hubei from 2009-14. (January 2020). [RFI]

Yuan Yangyang, 36, deputy leader of COVID-19 Medical Treatment Specialist Group, Baofeng Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Henan. (28 February 2020) [RTHK]

‘Mr Zeng’, 61, the first person reported to die of Coronavirus. (9 January 2020) [Sky]

Zhang Jianhua, 49, section chief, Public Health Service Department, Health Hospital, Luopotou, Shaanxi. (5 February 2020) [St Daily]

Zhu Heping, 67, Deputy Chief Physician of the Department of Ophthalmology, Wuhan Central Hospital. (9 March 2020) [BJD]

Zhu Xi, 48, doctor, Nanyang Community Health Center, Qidong, Jiangsu. (22 February 2020) [QQ]

Zhong Jinxing, 32, Vice President, Lingfeng Health Center, Hezhou. (28 February 2020) [Sina]


Aurlus Mabélé, 67, soukous star. Died in France. (19 March 2020) [Edge][Kenyan Tribune]

Joachim Yhombi-Opango, 81, President of the People’s Republic of the Congo (1977-79), Prime Minister of the Republic of the Congo, (1993-96). (30 March 2020) [Le Figaro]


Victor Batista Falla, 87, editor and publisher. (12 April 2020) [Actuallite]

Czech Republic

Jan Křen, 89, historian. (7 April 2020) [iROZHLAS]

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Jean-Joseph Mukendi wa Mulumba, 73, former President of the Bar at the Court of Cassation. Contracted COVID-19 on a visit to France. (24 March 2020) [Teller]

Gérard Mulumba Kalemba, 82, former Bishop of Mweka, uncle of President . (15 April 2020) [RFI]

Dominican Republic

Jenny Polanco, 62, fashion designer. [Yahoo]


Carlos González Artigas, executive president of La Fabril. (4 April 2020) [El Comercio]

Rodrigo Abelardo Pesántez Rodas, 82, poet. (3 April 2020) [El Universo]

Omar Quintana Baquerizo, 76, President of the National Congress of Ecuador (January-April 2005). (3 April 2020) [Ecuavisa]


Ahmed al-Far. Died in Bergamo, Italy. (17 March 2020) [EI]

Shafea Abdel Halim Dawoud, Major General in the Egyptian Army. (23 March 2020) [MEEye]

Atiyat Mohamed Ibrahim, 60, al-Samahiya al-Kobra. The first Egyptian to die of COVID-19 in Egypt. (11 March 2020) [EI]

Khaled Shaltout, Major General in the Egyptian Army. Died taking part in efforts to contain the virus. (22 March 2020) [MEEye]


Nicolas Alfonsi, 83, former French senator. (16 March 2020) [France Bleu]

Maurice Barrier, 87, actor. (12 April 2020) [Web24]

Robert Chaudenson, 82, linguist. (7 April 2020) [France TV Info]

Jean-Laurent Cochet, 85, actor and director. (7 April 2020) [France TV Info]

François de Gaulle, 98, Catholic priest and missionary, nephew of Charles de Gaulle. (2 April 2020) [Voici]

Jean-Michel Dénis, journalist. [CamerounWeb]

Marguerite Aucouturier Derrida, 87, psychoanalyst, wife of Jacques Derrida. (21 March 2020) [Le Monde][Maktoob]

Patrick Devedjian, 75, former Minister in charge of the Implementation of the Recovery Plan (2008-10), and President of the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine. (29 March 2020) [Le Monde]

Xavier Dor, 91, embryologist, anti-abortion activist. (4 April 2020) [TVLibertés]

Henri Ecochard, 96, military officer. (3 April 2020) [Le Monde]

Bernard Epin, 83, writer, literary critic, and militant communist. (1 April 2020) [LH]

Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, 94, former French President. (2 December 2020) [WE]

Patrick Francfort, 63, musician in the Gibson Brothers. (5 April 2020) [La Batteur]

Jacques Le Brun, 88, historian. (6 April 2020) [LH

Jean Leber, 80-81, violinist and pedagogue. (18 March 2020) [france musique]

Philippe Lécrivain, 78, Jesuit historian. (13 April 2020) [La Croix]

Henri Madelin, 83, Jesuit theologian. (8 April 2020) [La Croix]

Sarah Maldoror, 90, filmmaker. (13 April 2020) [FranceTVInfo]

André Manaranche, 93, Jesuit priest and theologian. (12 April 2020) [Aleteia]

David Méresse, 89, footballer and coach. (9 April 2020) [VdN]

Philippe Nahon, 81, actor. (19 April 2020) [La Repubblica]

Jacques Oudin, 80, former French senator. (20 March 2020) [Ouest France]

Michel Parisse, 83, historian. (5 April 2020) [L’Histoire][ER]

Jacques Pellen, 63, jazz guitarist. (21 April 2020) [France Bleu]

Francis Rapp, 93, medievalist. (29 March 2020) [DN]

Jean-Jacques Razafindranazy, 67, medic. Died “caring for coronavirus patients”. [RTE]

Henri Richelet, 75, painter. (18 March 2020) [VM]

Jacques Rosny, 81, actor. (18 April 2020) [Sceneweb]

Lucien Sève, 93, philosopher, communist, and political activist. (23 March 2020) [Regards]

Arnold Sowinski, 89, footballer, RC Lens. (2 April 2020) [Lequipe]

Bernard Stalter, 63, entrepreneur. (13 April 2020) [France Bleu]

Michel Tibon-Cornillot, philosopher and anthropologist. (28 March 2020) [Reporterre]

Henri Tincq, 74, former religion editor at Le Monde. (29 March 2020) [La Croix]

Frida Wattenberg, 95, member of the French Resistance. (4 April 2020) [FranceInfo]


Wilhelm Burmann, 80, ballet master. Died in New York. (30 March 2020) [Reuters]

Jörn Kubicki, 54, neurosurgeon. (28 March 2020) [Queer]

Dan van Husen, 75, actor. Died in Ilminster, UK. (31 May 2020?) [De Telegraaf]


Freda Ocran, 50, former head nurse of the psychiatric unit, Jacobi Medical Center, New York, USA. [Yen]

Nana Osei Boansi Kuffour, father of ‘Obuor’. Contracted COVID-19 in the United Kingdom. (27 March 2020) [Headline News]

Samuel Bediako Waterberg, 41, Chief Executive Officer of People’s Pension Trust, and President of the Maxim Nyansa Foundation. (27 March 2020) [Modern Ghana]


Michael Gilkes, 87, writer. Died in London. (14 April 2020) [GC]

John Percy Leon Lewis, 77, military officer. (7 April 2020) [SN]


Suresh Angadi, 65, Minister of State for Railways (2019-). (23 September 2020) [IT]

Sekhar Basu, 68, former Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and Director of BARC. (24 September 2020) [AB]

Ashok Gasti, 55, Member of the Rajya Sabha. (17 September 2020) [NDTV]

Nirmal Singh Khalsa, 67, Sikh Hazoori Ragi. (2 April 2020) [Tribune]

Rasheed Masood, 73, former Member of the Rajya Sabha and the Lok Sabha.  (5 October 2020) [TIA]

Ratnakar Matkari, 81, writer. (17 May 2020) [Outlook]

Ali Mohammad, 73, Yaukuma Chochuk village in Leh, Ladakh Union Territory, “could be the first death case of India ever since the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19”. (7 March 2020) [Deccan Herald]

Mohammad Hussain Siddiqui, 76, President of the Kalaburagi District Qazi Association, Kalaburagi, Karnataka. (10 March 2020) [NIE][NBA]

Hari Vasudevan, 68, historian. (10 May 2020) [NIE]


Lukman Niode, 56, swimmer. (17 April 2020) [Kompas]


Mohammad Haj Abolghasemi (Ghasemi), Head of the Basij in Tehran. (3 March 2020) [Al Arabiya][NCR Iran]

Fatemeh Alizadeh, 53, Kermanshah, prisoner at Central Prison of Urmia, whose death triggered a hunger strike among 200 imprisoned women. (28 March 2020) [NCR Iran]

Ghodartollah Alizadeh, Deputy for Communication and International Affairs, Iranology Foundation. [Twitter]

Mostafa Amini, cleric. Unconfirmed report. [Al Arabiya]

Ahmad Ahangi, retired professional football player. [Twitter]

Hossein Asadollahi, senior commander in the IRSG. “Asadollahi had been responsible for the vicious crackdown on Tehran protesters against the Islamic regime last December, in which hundreds of people were killed.” [BTN]

Rasoul Azizi, Head of Gilan Police Inspection Department. (6 March 2020) [Al Arabiya]

Nematollah Javadi Bamiani, cleric. Unconfirmed report. [Al Arabiya]

Nilufar Ismail Beigi, doctor, Qazvin. [Twitter]

Reza Chahi, deputy of Development of Health Insurance Resources in North Khorasan. [Twitter]

Mohammad Ali Ramazani (Ramezani) Dastak, newly-elected Iranian MP. (29 February 2020) [Mid-day][JP]

Hamidreza Davoudi, doctor, Babol. [Twitter]

Siamak Dayushli, doctor. [Iran HRM]

Akbar Dehghan, cleric. (5 March 2020) [Al Arabiya]

Siamak Diosheli, physician, Bandar Anzali Hospital. [Iran HRM]

Moharamali Esmaeeli, MEK activist. [NCR Iran]

Fariba Farahi, doctor, emergency room specialist, Kamkar Hospital, Qom. [NCR Iran]

Hassanali Firouzkhah, colonel, IRGC, took part in the 2019 crackdown.

Hashem Bathaie Golpayenagi, 79, grand ayatollah, member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts. (16 March 2020) [RT][Al Arabiya][JP]

Mohsen Habibi, ayatollah, custodian at a Tehran seminary. [Radio Farda]

Ali Asghar Majd Hashemi, Shia scholar. [Twitter]

Ali Hosseini, Head of the Islamic Development Organization, Aliabad-e-Katul, Golestan. (5 March 2020) [Al Arabiya]

Moloud Jafari, nurse, Fayazbakhsh Hospital, Tehran. [NCR Iran]

Abdullah Jafarzadeh, senior IRGC official. [Twitter]

Hamid Kahram, 62, former MP. (19 March 2020) [Al Arabiya]

Sayyid Ja’far Karimi, chairman of the Council on Fatwas. [Twitter]

Ali Khalafi (Kholfi), deputy to the Chief of Islamic Justice, Ayatollah Ebrahim Raeesi. “He was responsible for execution of tens of Iranian political prisoners.” – Babak Taghvaee. “The judiciary denied that Khalafi died from coronavirus on Friday.” – Al Arabiya. [Radio Farda][Twitter][Al Arabiya]

Mohammad Jamal Khalilian, teacher, Imam Khomeini Institute, Qom. [Iran International]

Ezat Khamooshi, mother-in-law of Meysam Khamenei, son of Ayatollah Khamenei. [Al Arabiya]

Narges Khanalizadeh, 25, nurse. (25 February 2020) [NCR Iran]

Leila Mir-Issa Khani, teacher, Tehran. [NCR Iran]

Hamed Jalali Kashani, activist, “advocate for child marriage”. (28 February 2020) [JP][Al Arabiya]

Rez Khazeni-Rad, Colonel, IRGC Training Deptartment in Qom. [Twitter]

Ahmad Khosravi, pro-regime activist. [Al Arabiya]

Seyed Hadi Khosroshahi, 81, former Iranian Ambassador to the Vatican. (27 February 2020) [Kuna][Al Arabiya]

Reza Koucheki-nia, Director of Medical Center No. 1 in Astaneh. [Iran HRM]

Reza Mohammadi Langerudi, ayatollah. [Al Arabiya]

Hamid Lotfi, orthopedic specialist. [Twitter][Iran HRM]

Hojjatol Islam Lotfi, Dean of Education, Al-Hadi Seminary in Qom. [Iran International]

Mohammad Mirmohammadi, 71, “a member of the Expediency Council” advising Ayatollah Khamenei. (2 March 2020) His mother was also reported to have succumbed to the virus. [DM][The National]

Hossein Mohammadi, confidant to Ayatollah Khamenei. [Twitter]

Mohammad Mohammadi, former president of the Association of General Practitioners and Forensics. [Twitter][Iran HRM]

Reza Modarresi, cleric, Qom. [Al Arabiya]

Negar Siyah Mortazavi, MEK activist. [NCR Iran]

Azemat Mousavi, midwife, Sari Health Center. [NCR Iran]

Ahmad Najafi, retired IRGC official. [Twitter]

Hassan Nayyeri, MEK activist. [NCR Iran]

Farad Nouri (Farid Nirouie, Farid Nirouii), general surgeon, Babul. [Twitter][Iran HRM]

Mohammad Ghader Nouruzmehr, healthcare professional, Rasht. [Twitter]

Nahid Noushad, retired nurse, Razi Treatment Education Center. “Noushad died at Rasht’s Golsar Hospital while helping treat coronavirus victims.” (14 March 2020) [PMOI]

Afshar Omidi, psychology specialist, Baghiatollah Hospital, Tehran. (14 March 2020) [PMOI]

Ramezan Pourghassem (Pour-Qasem), Head of the IRGC Ground Forces Counter-Intelligence Branch. [Twitter][NCR Iran]

Reza Pourkhanali, official, Ministry of Agriculture. [JP][Al Arabiya]

Mohammadali Rabie (Mohammad Ali Rabii), doctor. [Twitter][Iran HRM]

Fatemeh Rahbar, 56, Iranian MP. (6 March 2020) [NCR Iran][CNN][DM][Bloomberg]

Fariborz Raisdana, 72, famed economist and widely-published author. (15 March 2020) [Rudaw]

Mohammad-Reza Rahchamani, 67, former Iranian MP. (9 March 2020) [Tehran Times]

Mostafa Samadi, physician, Babol. [Iran HRM]

Nasser Shabani (Sha’abani), a senior commander of the IRGC. (c. 13 March 2020) [Al Arabiya][AA][Radio Farda]

Elham Sheikhi, 22, member of Iranian women’s futsal national team. (27 February 2020) [Radio Farda][Al Arabiya]

Hossein Sheikholeslam, Iranian MP and former Ambassador to Syria, co-founder of the Lebanese Hezbollah. (5 March 2020) [Al Arabiya][Radio Farda][BI]

Ardeshir Shiran, physician, Isfahan. [Iran HRM]

Mohammad Alavi Tabar (Kiyavash, Kiyavosh), 89-90, former MP. (10 March 2020) [IRNA]

Marzieh Taghvazadeh, chemistry teacher, Qom. [NCR Iran]

Ahmad Taheri, sporting director of the Iran national futsal team. (16 March 2020) [Tehran Times]

Farzad Tazari, former IRGC commander. (6 March 2020) [Al Arabiya][JP]

Mousa Torabzadeh, former prosecutor of Astaneh-ye Ashrafiyeh, Gilan Province. [Al Arabiya]

Ahmad Toyserkani (Toysirkani), judicial advisor. [Al Arabiya][Radio Farda]


Rashid Abdulrahman, 70, preacher at Khanaqa Mahmwi Mosque. “…the first coronavirus-related fatality in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq…” (3 March 2020) [Jihad Watch]

Jawdat Al-Qazwini, 67, travelling researcher. Died in London. (7 April 2020) [NL]

Rifat Chadirji, 93, architect. Died in London. [MEO]


Eileen O’Neill, 88. (18 March 2020) [IC]


Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron, 79, former Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel. (12 April 2020) [JPost]

Aryeh Evan, 88, Holocaust survivor. Israel’s first COVID-19 fatality. [Haaretz]

Itzhak Ilan, 64, Deputy Director of Shin Bet (2010-11). (16 October 2020) [ToI]

Malka Keva, 67, healthcare professional, Bat Yam. (24 March 2020) [Ynet]

Mark Steiner, 77, mathematician and professor of philosophy. (6 April 2020) [Daily Nous]


Luigi Ablondi, 66, former general manager of Crema Hospital. (16 March 2020) [DM]

Lorenzo Acquarone, 89, professor, former MP. (24 March 2020) [La Repubblica]

Danilo Barozzi, 92, cyclist, stage winner of the Volta a Catalunya. (25 March 2020) [Ansa][RS]

Sergio Bassi, 69, folk rock musician. (16 March 2020) [il Giornale][]

…”Ma chi l’ha detto
che solo i grandi
fanno la storia
ognuno ha la sua
storia da raccontare
anche se non è bella
potrà insegnare
qualcosa a qualcuno”…

Guiseppe Berardelli, 72, priest, Bergamo. He gave up his ventilator to a younger patient. (15 March 2020) [CBS]

Carlo Bertolini, 76, agronomist, Cremona. [Reuters]

Alfredo Bertucci, 86, blacksmith, as well his wife Angela, 77, and their two sons, Daniele, 54, and Claudio, 46. Voghera. [VN]

Diego Bianco, 45, paramedic. [Milano Today][Mirror]

Adriano Bonza, president Santo Stefano rural cooperative. (15 March 2020) [Malpensa]

Massimo Borghese, 63, otolaryngologist, Naples, Italy. (17 March 2020) [Notizie]

Lucia Bosè, born Lucia Borloni, 89, actress and former Miss Italia. (23 March 2020) [Huffpost]

Antonino Buttafuoco, 66, general practitioner. (18 March 2020) [DM]

Alberto Carpani, 64, singer. (11 May 2020) [PP]

Luigi and Serena Carrara, couple married for over 60 years, died hours apart. Their son said, “…staff didn’t know where to put patients and doctors were choosing which people to save, and leaving the elderly to die. But what can they do?” [NZ Herald][News Observatory]

Claudio Casertano, 67, parish priest, Palermo. [Palermo Today]

Zaccaria Cometti, 83, footballer. (2 April 2020) [La Repubblica]

Paolo Crosti, one of the founders of American Football in Italy. [Milano Sportiva]

Italo De Zan, 94, cyclist, stage winner of the 1948 Giro d’Italia. (9 March 2020) [Il Mattino]

Francesco Di Carlo, 79, mobster and police informant. (16 April 2020) [RFI]

Innocenzo Donina, 69, footballer. (19 March 2020) [Bari Viva]

Luciano Federici, 82, footballer. (18 March 2020) [La Nazione]

Giuseppe Finzi, 62, doctor, University Hospital of Parma, and former candidate for the mayoralty of Soragna. [DM]

Teresa Franzese, 47. In a widely-covered incident, the family was prevented from moving her body out of the home where they were living. [Il Primato Nazionale][AJ][Breitbart]

Luigi Frusciante, 71, a family doctor, Como. [Blitz]

Franco Galli, 65, doctor. [MT]

Oscar Ghidini, 84, physiotherapist. [Gazzetta]

Mario Giovita, 65, first Italian family doctor infected by COVID-19, Bergamo. [TR]

Raffaele Giura, 80, senior pulmonologist, Sant’Anna. [CZ]

Paolo Grassi, 65, mayor of Fivizzano (2009-19). [LD]

Vittorio Gregotti, 92, Italian architect, designer of the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics stadium, the Marassi in Genoa, Italy, and the Arcimboldi Opera Theatre, Milan. [CdS][Il Mattino][The Architect’s Newspaper][Gulf News][Football Italia][Guardian]

Appartengo a una generazione che ha criticato il moderno ma ne ha colto l’importanza nelle realizzazioni sociali.

Francesco La Rosa, 93, footballer. (8 April 2020) [Il Giorno]

Guiseppe Lanati, 73, pulmonologist, Sant’Anna Hospital, Como. [Blitz]

Vincenzo Leone, doctor. [Fanpage]

Fabrizio Marchetti, 32, bartender. Youngest victim in Italy to date. [Notizie]

Detto Mariano, 82, composer. (25 March 2020) [La Repubblica]

Aldo Martinell, 55, former mayor of Valdidentro. [La Repubblica]

Andrea Micheli, 37, former President of Serie C side Pergolettese. [Football Italia]

Michele Mozzicato, 59, lieutenant colonel, Catania. (11 March 2020) [Il Mattino]

Angelo Moreschi, 67, Catholic missionary to Ethiopia, Apostolic Vicar of Gambella. Died in Italy. (25 March 2020) [ANS]

Valerio Moro, 66, mayor of Brignano Gera d’Adda, Province of Bergamo, Lombardy from 2009 to 2014. (5 March 2020) [L’eco di Bergamo]

Marcello Natali, 57, Secretary of the Federation of General Practitioners of Lodi. “In one of the last interviews he gave before he was tested for COVID-19, he told Euronews that he had had to work without gloves: “They are finished,” he said.” [Euronews][ANSA][BI]

Francesco Saverio Pavone, 75, prosecutor who dismantled the Venetian mafia. [Il Messaggero]

Nelio Pavesi, 68, city councillor, Piacenza. [Il Mattino]

Maurizio Pinto, 38, Turi, Bari. At the time, Italy’s youngest victim. [La Repubblica][Yahoo][Sportface]

Marino Quaresimin, 82, Mayor of Vicenza 1995-98. (20 March 2020) [GV]

Giovanni (Gianni) Battista Rabino, 89, former Italian deputy and senator. (12 March 2020) [La Stampa]

Emanuele Renzi, 34, Lazio’s youngest victim, no comorbidities. [la Repubblica]

Fausto Resmini, 67, priest. [Rai]

Vincenzo Rini, 75, monsignor, the Diocese of Cremona. (13 March 2020) [CNA][Church Militant]

Calogero Rizzuto, 65, architect. (23 March 2020) [NS]

Luigi Roni, 78, singer. (26 March 2020) [FM]

Sergio Rossi, 84, shoe designer. (3 April 2020) [WWD]

Angelo Rottoli, 61, boxer. [la Repubblica]

Donato Sabia, 56, two-time Olympic 800 meter finalist. [ITG]

Piero Schlesinger, 89, former Chair of Private Law at Catholic University of Milan, board member of the Banca Popolare di Milano, president of Italian Mobiliar Institute, president of La Centrale Finanziaria Generale, and president of the Italian Research and Information Center on the Economy of Public and Public Interest Companies (CIRIEC). (14 March 2020) [Wikipedia][Sky]

Michele Sciama, 79, former secretary-general of the Jewish Community of Milan. (16 March 2020) [Israel National News][Forward]

Antonio Michele Stanca, 77, geneticist. (19 March 2020) [Il Messaggero]

Roberto Stella, 67, President of the Varese Medical Association. (10 March 2020) [Il Mattino][ET][People][FQ]

Luca Targetti, 62, former Casting Director, La Scala. [Il Mattino][Operawire]

Adriano Trevisan, 78, bricklayer, Vo’ Euganeo, Veneto. The first European to die from the virus. (21 February 2020) [ST]

Luigi Trottner, 86, priest, Campitello. (15 March 2020) [Alto Adige]

Renato Turetta, 67, the second person infected in Italy and close friend of Adriano Trevisan. (10 March 2020) [Il Mattino]

Giorgio Valoti, 70, Mayor of Cene. (12-13 March 2020) [Il Giorno][PN][Corriere]

Ivana Valoti, 58, midwife. (15 March 2020) [EdB]

Ivano Vezzulli, 61, doctor, Maleo. [AK]

Alfredo Visioli, 83, Cremona. [Reuters]

Carlo Zavaritt, 80, paediatrician and Bergamo councillor, who travelled to Sri Lanka to help with the relief efforts following the Boxing Day tsunami. [CdS]


Gil Bailey, 84, radio presenter. [VOA]

Donald Keith Duncan, 80, former Minister of National Mobilization and Human Resource Development. (17 September 2020) [Wired]


Teruyuki Okazaki, 88, karate master. Died in the United States. (21 April 2020) [EDdY]

Ken Shimura, 70, comedian. (29 March 2020) [NHK]

Shobushi, 28, sumo wrestler. (13 May 2020) [KN]

Kenzō Takada, 81, founder of Kenzo. (4 October 2020) [BFMTV]


Peter Juma, 35, bus driver. Died in the USA. [Tuko]

Laban Kimungu, of Molo, Nakuru. Died in Massachusetts, USA. (25 March 2020) [Tuko]


Mukar Cholponbayev, 70, former Head of the Presidential Administration Department, former Minister of Justice (1993–95), and former Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Kyrgyzstan (1995–96). (24 March 2020) [AKIpress]


Mahmoud Jibril, former interim Prime Minister, head of the National Forces Alliance party. Died in Cairo, Egypt. (5 April 2020) [MSN]


Thandika Mkandawire, 79, economist, professor at the London School of Economics. Died in Sweden. (27 March 2020) [Malawi24]


David Cheng, 60, pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Kuching, Sarawak. (17 March 2020). [The Star]


Lorena Borjas, 59, transgender activist. Died in Brooklyn, New York. (30 March 2020) [QNS]

Jorge Ortiz Garay, 49, Catholic priest in Brooklyn, NYC. He will be buried in Mexico. (27 March 2020) [PIX11]

Pilar Pellicer, 82, actress. (16 May 2020) [Clarin]

Yoshio, 60, singer. (13 May 2020) [Televisa]


Paul Goma, 84, communist dissident. Died in Paris, France. (25 March 2020) [Lithub]


Henricus Johannes Bernardus “Harry” Aarts, 90, member of the House of Representatives (1973-93). (25 March 2020) [BD]

Kes Bakker, 76, former president of the Vitesse football club. [Teller]

Frits Flinkevleugel, 80, footballer. (10 April 2020) [AD]

Koos van den Berg, 77, former member of the House of Representatives. (21 April 2020) [RD]


Suleiman Achimugu, 67, former Managing Director of Pipelines and Products Marketing Company. The first Nigerian to die in Nigeria of COVID-19. (23 March 2020) [MSN][RN]

Hajia Laila Abubakar Ali, 60, the elder sister to the permanent secretary of Kano state’s Ministry of Religious Affairs. (25 March 2020) [Legit]

Abba Kyari, 67, Chief of Staff to the President. (17 April 2020) [Vanguard]

Chidinma Olajide, mother of two. Died in the UK. [Tori]

Bassey Offiong, 25, chemical engineering student, Western Michigan University. He was “turned down several times for the coronavirus test in the Kalamazoo area.” (28 March 2020) [Fabmimi]

Maette Okon Otio,

Alfa Sa’adu, 68, doctor, former medical director of the Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust. Died in London. (31 March 2020) [HuffPost][Punchng]

Okunuga Olumide Saraju, 63, pathologist. Died in Modena, Italy. “There are suspicions that he may have died of coronavirus infection…” (10 March 2020) [The Source][Today][The Nigeria Guardian][Inside Business]

Aliyu Yakubu, 60, doctor. (4 April 2020) [Trent]


Imtiaz Ahmad, 61, in Brescia, Italy. The “first Pakistani COVID-19 patient in Italy”. [Pakistan Observer]

Syed Fazal Agha, 78, former Governor of Balochistan. (20 May 2020) [Dawn]

Ghulam Murtaza Baloch, 55, Member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh. (2 June 2020) [NNP]

Shaukat Manzoor Cheema, 66, Member of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab. (3 June 2020) [BOL]

Mian Jamshed Uddin Kakakhel, 65, Member of the Provincial Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. (3 June 2020) [Nation]

Azam Khan, 95, played squash for Pakistan. Died in London, UK. [Zemtv]

Said Nawaz Khan, Bannu. “Authorities say he got infected in Balochistan where he went for Islamic preaching (Tableegh).” [MR]

Shaheen Raza, 60, Punjab Assembly MPA. [20 May 2020] [Samaa]

Usama (Osama) Riaz, doctor from Chilas, Diamer, Gilgit-Baltistan. [Parhlo]

Zafar Sarfraz, 50, cricketer. (13 April 2020) [<a “href=”” rel=”nofollow”>ESPN]


Heherson Alvarez, 80, former Senator. (20 April 2020) [ABS-CBN]

Aileen Baviera, 60, professor, former Dean of the University of the Philippines Asian Center. “One of the country’s foremost sinologists.” (21 March 2020) [Rappler]

Bernardita Leonido Catalla, 62, the Philippines Ambassador to Lebanon. (2 April 2020) [PNA][AJ]

Menggie Cobarrubias, 66, actor. (26 March 2020) [Rappler]


Kogut, Stanisław, 66, Member of Senate (2005-19). (18 October 2020) [RMF24]


Maria de Sousa, 80, immunologist. (14 April 2020) [Publico]

Antonio Vieira Monteiro, 73, chairman of Banco Santander Portugal. (18 March 2020) [SAPO 25][Reuters]


Nelu Bălășoiu, 71, folk singer. (21 April 2020) [Realitatea]


Vakha Agaev, 67, Member of the Duma (2011-20). (23 September 2020) [TASS]

Mishik Kazaryan, 72, physicist. (7 April 2020) [Radio Svoboda]


Pape Diouf, 68, journalist, former President of Olympique de Marseille. (31 March 2020) [BBC]


Radomir Antic, 71, former manager of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid. [Depor]

Branislav Blažić, 63, State Secretary, Ministry of Environmental Protection. [B92]

Milutin Knežević, 71, Serbian Orthodox prelate. (30 March 2020) [New Day]


Abdulkadir Mohamed (Muhammad) Farah, 59, footballer, Advisor to the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Somalia. Died in London. (24 March 2020) [Goal]

Axmed Ismaaciil Xudeydi (Hudeydi), 91, musician. Died in London. [Garowe]

Nur Hassan Hussein, 82, Prime Minister of Somalia (1997-99). Died in London. [Arutz Sheva]

South Africa

Gita Ramjee, 63, HIV scientist. (31 March 2020) [Maverick]

South Korea

Lee Cha-su, 63, South Korean politician and civil society activist. (9 March 2020) [Yonhap]


Pedro Alameda, 37, Spanish Civil Guard officer. “He did not have underlying health issues.” [Twitter][EM][DdI]

Baldiri Alavedra, 76, footballer. (13 April 2020) [FCB]

Francisco Aritmendi, 81, Olympic long-distance runner. (12 April 2020) [ABC]

Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, 79, playwright. (6 April 2020) [El Periodico]

Goyo Benito, 73, Real Madrid footballer. (2 April 2020) [ES]

María Teresa de Borbón-Parma, 86, princess, socialist activist. (26 March 2020) [People]

José María Calleja, 64, journalist and political prisoner. (21 April 2020) [EDV]

Vicenç Capdevila, 83, former member of Congress and member of the Catalonia Parliament. (21 March 2020) [CCMA]

José Luis Capón, 72, former Spain international footballer. (29 March 2020) [EC]

Germà Colón, 91, philologist. (22 March 2020) [El Nacional]

Francisco Hernando Contreras, 74, ‘Paco el Pocero’, housing developer. (3 April 2020) [20 Minutos]

Juan Cotino, 70, former Director-General of the Police. (13 April 2020) [El Mundo]

Carlos Falcó, 83, 5th Marquess of Griñón. (20 March 2020) [El Pais]

José Folgado, 75, businessman, economist, and former Deputy of Congress. (23 March 2020) [ED]

Chato Galante (José María Galante Serrano), 71, pro-democracy activist. (28 March 2020) [La Vanguardia]

Francisco Garcia, 21, Spanish youth football coach. [Express][Indy]

Jesús Gayoso, 48, head of the Civil Guard’s counterterrorist Rapid Action Group. (27 March 2020) [Express][ABC][La Vanguardia][El Correo][La Rioja]

Guillermo Gómez, 50, father of five, Madrid. [Aleteia]

Rafael Gómez Nieto, 99, last surviving member of La Nueve. (31 March 2020) [El Mundo]

Benito Joanet, 84, Spanish footballer and manager. (22 March 2020) [Mundo Deportivo]

Miguel Jones, 81, footballer. [El Mundo]

Santiago Lanzuela, 71, former President of the Government of Aragon. (16 April 2020) [HdA]

José María Loizaga Viguri, 83, vice president of ACS Group. (22 March 2020) [El Pais]

Josep Sala Mañé, 82, casteller. (20 April 2020) [3dV]

Enrique Múgica, 88, former Minister of Justice. (10 April 2020) [La Razón]

Lorenzo Sanz, 76, former president of Real Madrid. (21 March 2020) [BBC]

Carlos Seco Serrano, 96, historian. (12 April 2020) [La Vanguardia]

Riay Tatary, 72, chairman of the Islamic Commission of Spain. (6 April 2020) [Md]

Jesús Vaquero, 70, neurosurgeon. (17 April 2020) [La Razon]

Daniel Yuste, 75, cyclist. (31 March 2020) [Sports Finding]


Adil El Tayar, 63, NHS surgeon in London. (25 March 2020) [Guardian]


Kishen Bholasing, 35, singer and percussionist. Died in the Netherlands. (12 April 2020) [DS]

Bas Mulder, 88, Catholic priest. (10 April 2020) [DBS]

Hans Prade, 81, diplomat. Died in the Netherlands. (3 April 2020) [Waterkant]


Adam Alsing, 51, television and radio presenter. (15 April 2020) [Expressen]

Kerstin Behrendtz, 69, radio presenter and director of music for Sveriges Radio. (28 March 2020) [GP]
Olle Holmquist, 83, trombonist. (26 March 2020) [Expressen]

Erik Belfrage, 74, former Swedish diplomat in Switzerland, the United States, Romania, Lebanon and France. Adviser to the Wallenberg family. (18 April 2020) [Aftonbladet]

Claes Borgström, 75, former Equality Ombudsman. (15 May 2020) [ST]

Tomas Oneburg, 62, photographer. (29 March 2020) [Expressen]


Roger Chappot, 79, Olympic ice hockey player. (7 April 2020) [ESPN]


Riad Ismat, 72, former Minister of Culture. (13 May 2020) [SO]


Iddi Hashim Mbita, 49, “the first person in Tanzania to die of the Coronavirus pandemic”. [Pulse]


Leïla Menchari, 92, designer and decorator. (4 April 2020) [NYT]


Haydar Baş, 73, politician. (14 April 2020) [CNN Turk]

Ali Bozer, 95, former Acting Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs. (30 September 2020) [Sabah]

Feriha Öz, 86, pathologist. (2 April 2020) [YA]

Cemil Taşçıoğlu, 67, physician. (1 April 2020) [Hurriyet]

Aytaç Yalman, 79, former chief of the Turkish Army. (16 March 2020) [NTV][Turkish Minute][APA][Arab News]

United Kingdom

Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, 13, one of the UK youngest victims of the Coronavirus pandemic in London. [Telegraph]

John Alagos, 23, nurse. (4 April 2020) [Metro][Telegraph]

Chris Barrett, 75, producer at Meridian News, formerly deputy editor at the Daily Echo. (26 March 2020) [DE]

Mark Benn, brother of boxer Nigel Benn. (5 April 2020) [Sun]

Darrell Blakeley, 88, Middleton, Greater Manchester. Could not be treated for an underlying condition due to coronavirus restrictions. His son, “told of the horror of enduring watching his father being wrapped in plastic and placed in an airtight coffin and immediately taken away upon his death” and “his anguish of not being able to be there for his father due to strict isolation rules.” [Sky][ITV]

Tim Brooke-Taylor, 79, comedian. (12 April 2020) [ES]

Paul Bullock, 73, owner, H2O Leisure, Allington, Lincs.. (30 March 2020) [GJ]

Hilda Churchill, 108, Manchester. (28 March 2020) [MEN]

“As I was telling her about this coronavirus she started talking about the Spanish flu and she remembered how bad that was. The whole house came down with it except her mum, who looked after everyone else. Sadly her little sister, who was only 12 months old, died of it. Grandma said she remembers a small box being put in a carriage. Her dad collapsed in the street with it, but survived.She was saying how amazing it is that something you can’t see can be so devastating.”

Fiona Clark, 49, mum of four, Croydon. (26 March 2020) [MyLondon]

John Horton Conway, 82, mathematician. (11 April 2020) [Simai]

Glen Corbin, healthcare worker. (4 April 2020) [Telegraph]

Lynsay Coventry, 54, midwife, Essex. (2 April 2020) [Telegraph]

Steven Dick, 37, deputy head of mission at the British Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. (24 March 2020) [Sky]

Liam Downing, 30, DJ. [Daily Mail]

Hilary Dwyer, 74, actress. (10 April 2020) [HR]

Thomas Harvey, 57, NHS hospital worker, father of seven, London. Died in self-isolation at home. (29 March 2020) [Mirror]

Amged El-Hawrani, 55, NHS Consultant. (28 March 2020) [BM]

Hayri Ergönül, 55, member of the Kurdish Alevi community in North London. (c. 18 March 2020) [Nupel]

Rina Feldman, 97, member of the Haredi community. [JC]

Kimberley Finlayson, 52, co-founder of FMC, a dentistry publishing and communications company. Died whilst on holiday in Bali, Indonesia. The first British victim to be named in the British press. (11 March 2020) [DM][ES]

Alfred William Frankland MBE, 108, allergist and immunologist, “grandfather of allergy”, populariser of the hygiene hypothesis and the pollen count, supporter of desensitisation, three and a half years a Japanese prisoner of war, doctor to Saddam Hussein, recently interviewed on the Spanish flu. [Wikipedia]

Asked on his perspective of COVID-19, Dr Frankland said: “I must confess that I’m not a ‘virus man’ – infection and allergies have always been my research passions. However, I’ve been following the news around COVID-19 and it’s worrying; I think there are a lot of challenges ahead. It’s great to see scientists, such as those at Imperial, working so quickly to help tackle the pandemic.” [Imperial]

Leonard Gibson, 78. His daughters are warning others to take the pandemic more seriously. [The Star][IRN]

Liz Glanister, 68, nurse. (3 April 2020) [MSN][Telegraph]

Harvey Goldstein, 80, statistician. (9 April 2020) [Bristol Univ]

James Stuart Gordon, Baron Gordon of Strathblane, 83, member of House of Lords, founder of Radio Clyde. (31 March 2020) [Glasgow Times]

David Hodgkiss, 71, former Chief Executive of William Hare Group, chairman of Lancashire Cricket Club. [Guardian]

John Theodore Houghton, 88, atmospheric physicist. (15 April 2020) [CT]

Norman Hunter, 76, footballer. (17 April 2020) [ES]

Andrew Jack, 76, dialect coach. (31 March 2020) [BBC]

Wendy Jacobs, Headmistress, Roose Primary School, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria. (22 March 2020) [Guardian]

Norman Kennet Jones, 72, cardiologist. Died in Como, Italy. (27 March 2020) [CMB]

Paul Karslake, 65, artist. (23 March 2020) [ES]

Cyril Lawrence, 99, footballer. (14 April 2020) [Salford Star]

Maria Lawrence, 48, creator of the Derby Secret Santa scheme. [DT]

John Laws, 74, Lord Justice of Appeal. [Guardian]

Undeg Lewis, 59, clerk of Crymych Community Council. [BBC]

Rebecca Mack, 29, nurse, Newcastle. (5 April 2020) [Telegraph]

Vincent Malone, 88, former auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool. (18 May 2020) [LJ]

Nick Matthews, 59, retired police officer, Nailsea, North Somerset. (14 March 2020) [Mirror]

Edward Hugh McGinnis, 78, ‘Eddie Large’, one half of the Little and Large double act. (2 April 2020) [Sky]

Chloe Middleton, 21, High Wycombe. No preexisting conditions. [BFP][WashEx]

Ann Mitchell, 97, World War Two codebreaker. [BBC]

John Murray, 85, minister, prolific author. [Christian Institute]

Peter Myles, 67, Anglican vicar. Father of Doctor Who actress, Sophia Myles. (21 March 2020) [DM][Guardian]

Bruce Myers, 78, actor. Died in France. (15 April 2020) [QOM]

Areema Nasreen, 36, nurse, mother-of-three. (3 April 2020) [Mirror][Telegraph]

Lee Nurse, 43, cricketer. (9 April 2020) [BG]

Bill Olner, 78, former Member of Parliament for Nuneaton. (18 May 2020) [CT]

Alice Kit Tak Ong, 70, nurse, London. (7 April 2020) [Telegraph]

Aimee O’Rourke, 39, nurse, Kent. (2 April 2020) [Telegraph]

Avrohom Pinter, 70, rabbi. (13 April 2020) [JC]

Manohar Krishna Prabhu, British-Indian Krishna devotee. (9 March 2020) [ET]

Jitendra Rathod, 58, heart surgeon, Cardiff. (6 April 2020) [Telegraph]

Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read, 95, police detective who led the investigation into the Kray twins. (7 April 2020) [Guardian]

Tim Robinson, 85, author and cartographer. (3 April 2020) [Irish Times][RTE]

Craig Ruston, 45, former footwear designer. As of 18 March 2020, “the UK’s youngest coronavirus victim”. [Mirror][BBC]

Anton Sebastianpillai, consultant geriatrician. (4 April 2020) [Telegraph]

Matthew Seligman, 64, bass guitarist. (17 April 2020) [UCR]

Mohamed Sami Shousha, 79, professor of histopathology, London. (2 April 2020) [Telegraph]

Peter Sinclair, 73, professor, economist, tutor of former British PM David Cameron. [DM]

Manjeet Singh Riyat, 52, surgeon. (20 April 2020) [Derby Telegraph]

Dmitri Smirnov, 71, composer. (9 April 2020) [CNR]

William (Vilmos György) Stern, 85, businessman. “Hungarian-born survivor of the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp, who was at the centre of one Britain’s biggest bankruptcy cases”. [Guardian]

Alexander Thynn, 87, 7th Marquess of Bath, Longleat. (4 April 2020) [GL]

Norman Wells, 56, family rights campaigner. [Christian Institute]

Peter Whiteside, 67, Olympic pentathlete. (14 April 2020) [GL]

Hamish Wilson, 77, actor. (26 March 2020) [Daily Record]

Habib Zaidi, 76, GP. (25 March 2020) [BBC]

United States

Divinia Accad, ‘Debbie’, 72, nurse, Detroit, Michigan. (30 March 2020) [DFP]

Bennie G. Adkins, 89, soldier, Medal of Honor recipient, Alabama. (16 April 2020) [AN]

Marylou Armer, police detective, Santa Rosa, California. (31 March 2020) [PD]

Helène Aylon, 89, ecofeminist. (6 April 2020) [AN]

Reggie Bagala, 54, member of the Louisiana House of Representatives. (9 April 2020) [NOLA]

Laneeka Barksdale, 47, mother of four, Detroit-style ballroom dancer. [DFP]

Jay Benedict, 68, actor. (4 April 2020) [Fantha Tracks]

Leila Benitez-McCollum, 89, television and radio host. [CNN]

Julie Bennett, 88, voiceover artist, the voice of ‘Cindy Bear’. (31 March 2020) [HR][EW]

Maurice Berger, 63, art historian. [Art News]

Scott Blanks, 34, Whittier, California. [ABC7]

Mark Blum, 69, actor. (25 March 2020) [THR]

Patricia Bosworth, 86, actress. (2 April 2020) [HR]

John Brennan, 69, horse trainer. New Jersey’s “first coronavirus death”. [North Jersey]

Peregrine (Peg) Broadbent, 56, CFO, Jefferies Group. (29 March 2020) [Bloomberg][WSJ]

Richard Brodsky, 73, former New York State Assemblyman. [ABC7NY]

Conrad Buchanan, 39, DJ, Florida. “We couldn’t get him tested. I fought and fought and fought….”They didn’t want to test him due to his age and (because) he had no underlying health issues.” (CNN)

Herman Cain, 74, former Republican Presidential Candidate. (30 July 2020) [Fox]

Floyd Cardoz, 59, award-winning chef. [SFGate][Variety][Fox]

Priscilla Carrow, 65, coordinating manager, Elmhurst Hospital, New York. [NY1]

Anthony Causi, 48, sports photographer. (12 April 2020) [SI]

Stanley Chera, 77 or 78, founder of Crown Acquisitions. [Real Deal]

Avraham Hakohen (Romi) Cohn, rabbi, Holocaust survivor. [CNN]

Forrest Compton, 94, actor. (5 April 2020) [SIR][BI]

David Conkey, 51. (29 March 2020) Along with his parents, Lewis and Judith Conkey, 75. (31 March 2020) [USA Today]

Allen Daviau, 77, cinematographer. (15 April 2020) [Coming Soon]

Noach Dear, 66, New York Supreme Court judge. (19 April 2020) [NYP]

Tom Dempsey, 73, American football kicker, New Orleans, Louisiana. (4 April 2020) [CNN]

Joe Diffie, 61, country music star. (29 March 2020) [Variety]

Cedric Dixon, 48, NYPD detective. (28 March 2020) [AMNY]

Jazmond Dixon, 31, first St. Louis resident to die from COVID-19. (22 March 2020) [NY Post]

David C. Driskell, 88, artist, emeritus professor at the University of Maryland. (1 April 2020) [WP]

Kevin Thomas Duffy, 87, Senior Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. (1 April 2020) [NYT]

April Dunn, 33, chair, Louisiana Developmental Disabilities Council. (c. 29 March 2020) [CNN]

Larry Edgeworth, 61, NBC audio technician. (19 March 2020) [ENews][MSN][Grio][Politico][BI][Fox][Daily Beast][HuffPost][LA Times][CNN][NBC]

David Edwards, former Texas A&M basketball player. (23 March 2020) [Dallas News]

Lisa Ewald, 53, nurse, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan. (31 March 2020) [DFP]

Margit Feldman, 90, Holocaust survivor, New Jersey. (14 April 2020) [WP]

Lee Fierro, 91, actress. (5 April 2020) [BI]

Charlotte Figi, 13, an inspiration behind the medical cannabis movement, Colorado. Treated as a likely COVID-19 case. (7 April 2020) [BI][Facebook]

Figi had Dravet syndrome, a type of epilepsy, and from the time she was just three months old, she experienced hundreds of seizures every day. […] The strain Charlotte’s Web [was named] after Figi herself, and it proved successful in reducing Figi’s seizures. Eventually, Figi was able to walk and talk again. […] Figi’s story became the subject of medical literature and ignited a medical cannabis movement of patients seeking CBD to treat their chronic conditions.

Alan Finder, 72, former New York Times reporter. (c. 24 March 2020) [The Hill]

Patricia Frieson, 61, Auburn Gresham, Chicago, Illinois. Two days before her death, she posted the following on her Facebook page: “… Despite the fact that I am human, and I fail a lot of times, I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who was sacrificed on the cross, and died for our sins. He loves us all dearly (far more than we deserve) and forgives our sins if we are in repentance. …” [Twitter][CST]

Grace Fusco, 73, a mother of eleven from Freehold, New Jersey, together with her daughter, Rita Fusco-Jackson, 55, and sons, Carmine Fusco and Vincent Fusco. [NYP][People][NJ]

Frank Gabrin, 60, ER doctor, New York. (24 March 2020) [DM]

Robert Garff, 78, former Speaker of the Utah House of Representatives. (29 March 2020) [Deseret]

Allen Garfield, 80, actor. (7 April 2020) [HR]

William Gerdts, 91, art historian. (14 April 2020) [Legacy]

Jeffrey Ghazarian, 34, cancer survivor. “… recently visited Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida” [Fox][Daily Kos]

Jerry Givens, 67, executioner turned death penalty opponent. (13 April 2020) [WP]

Bob Glanzer, 74, Member of the South Dakota House of Representatives. (3 April 2020) [Argus Leader]

Annie Glenn, 100, widow of John Glenn. (19 April 2020) [CBS]

Ron Golden, brother of Minnesota Lt. Gv. Peggy Flanagan. (21 March 2020) [TwinCities]

James T. Goodrich, 73, neurosurgeon, pioneer in the separation of conjoined twins, recipient of the Mead-Johnson Award, the Roche Laboratories Award in Neuroscience and the Sir William Osler Medal. (30 March 2020) [Wiki][CNN]

Henry Grimes, 84, jazz musician. (15 April 2020) [Downbeat]

Leib Groner, 88, rabbi. (7 April 2020) [AJ]

Wynn Handman, 97, artistic director. (11 April 2020) [BN]

Jason Hargrove, bus driver, Detroit. (1 April 2020) [DFP]

Bobby Hebert Sr., 81, father of former Pro Bowl quarterback Bobby Hebert Jr. (28 March 2020) [247Sports]

William Helmreich, 74, sociologist, distinguished professor, CUNY. (28 March 2020) [JTA][CNN]

Pat Herrick, Seattle, Washington. (March 2020) [CNN][CNN – Video]

Douglas Linn Hickok, New Jersey National Guard Captain. First US service member to die after testing positive for COVID-19. (28 March 2020) [AFT]

Morris Hood III, 54, former member of the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate. (12 May 2020) [CD]

James House, 40, nurse, father of five, Detroit, Michigan. (31 March 2020) [DFP]

Alex Hsu, 67, doctor, Margate, South Florida. “…the first medical professional to die from the coronavirus in South Florida…” (25 March 2020) [WSVN]

Patrick (Pat) James, 77, Texas Masonic Retirement Center, Tarrant County, Texas. The first to die from coronavirus in Tarrant County. “At first, Pat James believed that he might have the flu, but that test came back negative, Brandt said. “So they sent him home and he got some Tamiflu and thought he would wait it out,” Brandt said.” [FWST][Texas Tribune]

Milena Jelinek, 84, Czech-American screenwriter. (16 April 2020) [iDNES]

Wilson Roosevelt Jerman, 91, White House butler to 11 Presidents. (16 May 2020) [BBC/Yahoo]

Anick Jesdanun, 51, first internet writer for the Associated Press. (2 April 2020) [AP]

Kevelin Jones, pastor, Bountiful Love Ministries, Flint, Michigan. [ABC12]

Patrick Jones, 49, Oakdale, Louisiana, first federal inmate known to have died from COVID-19. (28 March 2020) [Reason]

Leilani Jordan, 27, grocery store clerk with cerebral palsy, Maryland. [CNN]

Bernie Juskiewicz, 77, former member of the Vermont House of Representatives (2013-19). (8 April 2020) [VTD]

Kious Kelly, 48, assistant nursing manager. [NY Post]

Donald Kennedy, 88, former Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and former president of Stanford University. (21 April 2020) [PAW]

John Knox, 84, retired fire marshal. [NY Post]

Lee Konitz, 92, jazz saxophonist. (15 April 2020) [Syncopated Times]

Andreas Koutsoudakis, 59, chef. (27 March 2020) [BI]

Lou Kouvaris, 65, guitarist, Riot, New York. (28 March 2020) [RRG]

Thomas Kunz, 81, biologist. (13 April 2020) [ASM]

John Sebastian Laird-Hammond, 59, Franciscan friar. DC’s first fatality from COVID-19. (20 March 2020) [CNA][Heavy]

Bob Lazier, 81, former CART Rookie of the Year. (18 April 2020) [RACER]

Myron Lett, superintendent, Church of God in Christ, Detriot, Michigan. [ABC12]

Joe Lewinger, 42, assistant principal, Mary Louis Academy, Queens, New York. [HuffPost]

Ronald Lewis, 68, cultural historian, New Orleans, Louisiana. (20 March 2020) [CNN]

Hong Ling, 53, Professor, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, formerly of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California, the first US citizen to die of COVID-19. Died in China. (7 February 2020) [Twitter][China Rising][Yichai]

Tim Liszewski, 60, progressive activist. (28 March 2020) [BI]

Giuseppi Logan, 84, jazz musician. (17 April 2020) [WBGO]

Mike Longo, 81, jazz pianist, composer, and author. “Longo became musical director for the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet and later Gillespie chose him to be the pianist for the Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Band.” (22 March 2020) [Wiki]

Ben Luderer, 30, baseball coach, New Jersey. [North Jersey]

Ellis Marsalis Jr., 85, jazz pianist. (1 April 2020) [NOA]

Arcelia Martinez, 65, mother of four, grandmother of six, FoodMaxx cashier, San Jose, California. (21 March 2020) [MN]

Rick May, 79, theatre director. (13 April 2020) [PCG]

Orlando McDaniel, 59, former wide receiver for the Denver Broncos. (28 March 2020) [DMN]

Michael McKinnell, 84, architect, co-designer of the Boston City Hall. (28 March 2020) [BG]

Terrence McNally, 81, playwright. (24 March 2020) [AP]

Adolph (TJ) Mendez, 44, teacher, New Braunfels, Texas, “perfectly healthy” father of six. (26 March 2020) [NY Post]

Maria Mercader, 54, CBS television presenter and journalist. (29 March 2020) [CBS]

Alan Merrill, 69, lead singer of the Arrows. (29 March 2020) [BCB]

Jermaine Miller, 44, Nassau Co., New York. “He had a fever of 101.5 degrees, was diagnosed with pneumonia, given antibiotics and sent home. The next day, his temperature had reached 103, and that’s when she said they went to the emergency room.” His wife added, “”This is not a game, … People’s lives are ending here.” [ABC]

Cristina Monet-Zilkha, 61, singer, Things Fall Apart. [Guardian]

John F. Murray, 92, retired former Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care at San Francisco General Hospital. (24 March 2020) [MN]

Arnold Obey, 73, retired school principal. Ran the NYC marathon 38 consecutive years. (22 March 2020) [Twitter]

Natasha Ott, 39, health care professional, New Orleans.

“She had a slight fever. CrescentCare, the medical clinic where she worked, had only a handful of tests for the new strain of coronavirus on hand. She initially passed on the chance to take one, after being told she was low-risk for the serious disease. When her symptoms didn’t shake, she did take the test on Monday. By Thursday, she felt “something in her lungs,” she told longtime partner Josh Anderson. But she still felt well enough by then to join Anderson as the pair walked her dog. On Friday, Anderson found Ott dead in her kitchen.”[Nola]

David Perez, 56, investigator, New York City’s Department of Correction. (15 March 2020) [BI]

Yaakov Perlow, 89, Hasidic rabbi. (7 April 2020) [YW]

Dennis Peters, 82, electrochemist. (13 April 2020) [IDS]

Bill Pike, 91, Connecticut, former chairman of credit policy at J.P. Morgan & Company. [CNN]

Bucky Pizzarelli, 94, jazz guitarist. (1 April 2020) [USA Today]

John Prine, 73, singer. (7 April 2020) [NYT]

Syed Rahman, 59, deputy chief inspector, New York Fire Department, father of four. (29 March 2020) [GoFundMe]

Julio Ramirez, 43, San Gabriel, California. (16 March 2020) [CBS Local]

Joel Reed, 86, filmmaker and screenwriter. (12 April 2020) [HGL]

Walter Robb, 91, engineer, executive, and philanthropist. (23 March 2020) [TimesUnion]

Isaac Robinson, 44, state representative, Michigan House of Representatives. Died “…from a suspected coronavirus infection…” (29 March 2020) [Crain]

Dez-Ann Romain, 36, principal of Brooklyn Democracy Academy, Brownsville. [NY Post]

Wallace Roney, 59, jazz trumpeter. (31 March 2020) [Heavy]

Aaron Rubashkin, 92, businessman. (2 April 2020) [Matzav]

Sundee Rutter, 42, widow, mother of six. (16 March 2020) [Fox][DM]

“For those of you who know or have ever crossed paths with our mother, Sundee, it was likely made clear to you immediately how genuine, selfless, courageous, hard-working, and caring this woman is. … As a single mother of six children (ages 24, 21, 20, 15, 14, 13), She has made it her highest priority to instill in us all of the amazing and upheld values and morals she possesses, with high hopes that each of us are able to make positive changes and impacts on our friends, family, and community.”

Her daughter, Alexis Rutter. (The family has a Gofundme page.)

Caridad Santiago, 43, MTA cleaner, New York. “Her family of five crowded into their van where they slept overnight as they waited for city officials to arrive” to collect her body. “The detectives … made my daughter go in to check on the body because they were scared,” her husband said. (29 March 2020) [NYP]

Arlene Saunders, 89, soprano. (17 April 2020) [Platea]

Adam Schlesinger, 52, singer-songwriter. (1 April 2020) [Variety]

Stephen Schwartz, 78, pathologist, University of Washington. (17 March 2020) [Seattle Times][US News][The Scientist][Medscape]

Gene Shay, 85, disc jockey, Pennsylvania. (17 April 2020) [PI]

Roberta Shelton, 60, Indiana. “The first person to die from coronavirus in Indiana had to say goodbye to her partner via iPad because they were not allowed to be in the same room.” [DM]

Alvin Simmons, 56, housekeeper at Rochester General Hospital. “Simmons, a cigar smoker, initially thought it was a smoker’s cough. When the symptoms got worse Simmons went to the emergency room. He was tested for coronavirus and diagnosed him with pneumonia. He was sent home with antibiotics. Simmons died a day after he was taken to the hospital by ambulance.” [Radio 95.1 Rochester]

Robert Earl Smith Sr., auxiliary bishop, Church of God in Christ, Flint, Michigan. [DFP]

Michael Sorkin, 71, urbanist architect. (26 March 2020) [Archinect]

Oliver Stokes Jr. (Go DJ Black N Mild), 44, New Orleans bounce deejay and radio personality. (19 March 2020) [Nola]

Arlene Stringer-Cuevas, 86, former member of the New York City Council, mother of Scott Stringer, New York City Comptroller. (3 April 2020) [NY Post]

Ann Sullivan, 91, Disney animator. (13 April 2020) [Deadline]

Stephan Sulyk, 95, Metropolitan emeritus of the Ukrainian Catholic Philadelphia Archeparchy. (6 April 2020) [Ukrarcheparchy]

Teodosio Torres, 76, Queens, New York. He “asked his wife for a drink of water. When she returned about a minute later she found him unresponsive in his bed.” [NYDN]

Chris Trousdale, 34, singer and actor, Los Angeles, California. (2 June 2020) [CNN]

Richard E. Weber, 57, a litigation partner and longtime board member of the LGBT Bar Association of Greater New York. [Bloomberg Law]

Lenard “Lenny” Wells, 69, former president of the League of Martin. (21 March 2020) [MJS]

Diedre Wilkes, 42. (26 March 2020) [Wayne Dupree]

A 42-year-old hospital worker in Georgia who had coronavirus was found dead in her home with her 4-year-old child by her body.

Hal Wilner, 64, music producer, New York. (7 April 2020) [Variety]

William Wolf, 94, theatre critic, New York. (28 March 2020) [Theater Mania]

Nashom Wooden, aka Mona Foot, 50, drag queen from New York City. (c. 23 March 2020) [TG Trends]

Iris Zavala, 83, Puerto Rican author. (10 April 2020) [ND]


Ruben Melogno, 74, singer. Died in Spain. (27 March 2020) [LD]

Rodolfo González Rissotto, 70, former Minister of Defence. (28 March 2020) [El Pais]


Uktam Barnoev, 56, Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan (2020). (20 September 2020) [Kun]


Miguel Ángel Tábet, 78, Catholic theologian. Died in Rome. (7 April 2020) [ACI Stampa]


Ian Hyslop, 79, the second person in Zimbabwe to die of the Wuhan Coronavirus. (4 April 2020) [iHarare]

Melissa Jacqueline, 19, student at St Andrews University, United States. (25 March 2020) [Herald]

Zororo Makamba, 30, broadcaster, the first person in Zimbabwe to die of the Wuhan Coronavirus. [ZD]



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