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Last Thursday, Republicans in the Alabama state Senate approved a bill that aims to make it a criminal act for medical professionals to prescribe or advise patients to undergo dangerous transgender medical intervention such as hormone blockers and surgeries on minor patients.

As reported by The Washington Times, the Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, introduced by Senator Shay Shelnutt, passed with a 22-3 vote. The act seeks to “make it a felony for doctors and other medical providers to prescribe hormone blockers or surgeries for minors seeking to treat gender dysphoria.”

“I just don’t think, and others don’t think, that kids should be given experimental drugs or surgeries that could have irreversible consequences for the rest of their life,” Sen. Shelnutt told local reporters.

“Kids are not fully developed until later in life,” he added. “I think we can all agree that kids aren’t capable of making certain decisions until certain ages. And so we want to just stop these procedures from happening in Alabama.

Now the bill must go on to Alabama’s House of Representatives and, if passed in the House, to Governor Kay Ivey’s (R) desk. Governor Ivey has not made any statements as to whether or not she will sign the bill.

Some House members are already expressing their support of the bill.

“I was shocked when I found out doctors in Alabama were prescribing these types of drugs to children,” Rep. Wes Allen said in a statement, according to the Times. “This is something you hear about happening in California or New York but it is happening right here in Alabama and it’s time we put a stop to that practice.”

Children absolutely need to be protected from activist medical professionals using them as experiments with dangerous hormone-blocking drugs that could, according to the Mayo Clinic’s website, affect their fertility later in life.

Future fertility is only one of many concerns when it comes to these drugs. The website also says, “In those identified as male at birth, GnRH analogues decrease the growth of facial and body hair, prevent voice deepening, and limit the growth of genitalia,” and adding, “treatment limits or stops breast development and delays or stops menstruation” for biological females.

The website also lists “side effects” and “complications,” which include weight gain and headaches and long-term effects on bone density.

“If children with male genitalia begin using GnRH analogues early in puberty, they might not develop enough penile and scrotal skin for certain gender confirmation genital surgical procedures, such as penile inversion vaginoplasty,” the Mayo Clinic explains, adding that “delaying puberty beyond one’s peers can be stressful. Your child might experience lower self-esteem.”

The data shows that, in cases of gender dysphoria, methods of treatment that express the psychological root of gender confusion are more effective.

As The Federalist reports, “Under the traditional treatment for gender dysphoria, which involves ‘watchful waiting or pursuit of family and individual psychotherapy,’ between 80 and 95 percent of adolescent patients outgrow their dysphoria naturally.”

Praise the Lord for lawmakers in states like Alabama who see the need to protect children and are doing something about it.

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Vice President Mike Pence and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey speaks to the local media at Sumpter Smith ANGB, Birmingham, Alabama October 30, 2018. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Ken Johnson). Public domain. 

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