Mandy Obrien, the body language reader whose Youtube channel has over 19 million views, has offered a damning analysis of the Duke of York’s car crash interview with BBC Newsnight.

According to the commentator, the baseline level of blinking was an indicator of stress, and it is too simplistic to say that excessive blinking on its own is indicative of a failure to tell the truth.

However, according to the Body Language Ghost, there are plenty of other indicators of dishonesty.

“It makes you sit there and wonder, if you are going to lie even over the most basic facts, then the truth is much more damaging.”

“That was all a lie. Not the events themselves, but the reasoning. So, he’s hiding the reasoning.”

“Just lying the entire time.”

“It would be interesting to find out why so much stress goes with that one place [Ghislaine Maxwell’s house in Belgravia in London].

“He’s got actually a lot of truth in this part of the story where he talks about his reasoning on going [to see Epstein in New York in December 2010]. He’s very uncomfortable with it, but he’s accessing appropriate areas besides his remembered speech.”

[regarding Virginia Roberts] “…now we see there’s an emotional attachment”

“We have positive associated with Epstein’s death. We have avoidance.”

It should be noted that the analysis represents the opinions of the commentator, and should be taken as such.

The full video is available below:

Image: BBC

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