So, Farage has stood down his candidates in seats the Tories are most likely to win. Fear of Corbyn and fear of splitting the Leave vote has done the trick. Farage’s financial backers are putting the pressure on, with Aaron Banks now demanding the Brexit party only stands in forty seats. Apparently, we have no choice but to put our trust in Boris, his ‘excellent deal’, and the global liberals who constitute the modern Tory party. Boris is guaranteed a thumping majority and will be able to do as he pleases.

By coincidence, we learn today that British Steel is now to be flogged off to the Chinese, whose dumping of steel on world markets was the major cause of British Steel’s difficulties in the first place. No cause for concern on security or strategic grounds, Boris’s business secretary assures us. Such is our industrial strategy. No doubt, we can look forward to continued mass immigration, the continued flogging off our national assets, the continued forced diversification of our society and deconstruction of our way of life, the decimation of our countryside as our global population soars. Good news for Boris and his society friends. Servants have never been so cheap.

Perhaps we can do without industry and rely on our ‘soft power’ instead. Boris makes much of this – as one would expect of an old Etonian. But the real soft power lies with Chinese, whose financial resources are unlimited. Everyone has a price, as David Cameron, who now works for the Chinese, can testify. And soft power is even more effective when there is an iron fist inside the velvet glove, as the inmates of China’s burgeoning concentration camps can testify.

Farage tried to make the best of a humiliating climbdown and asked Boris to reciprocate. But he cannot seriously have expected any favours. Not a crumb. A sad end for Farage, who before the election, confided that he believed Boris was a Remainer at heart who could not be trusted with Brexit. Now he has no choice but to trust him. Apparently, the peerage has been offered.

Saddest of all though for the millions of ordinary people who voted Brexit, not because they believed in global market forces, but because they wanted their country back. They thought Farage was one of them at heart – an Englishman with spirit. They don’t want Corbyn, but they cannot stomach the modern Conservative party either. Where are they to turn?

Author: Alistair Miller

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