Either something is messing with Boris’s decision-making process, or we’ve not been paying attention.

Just in the past few weeks, Boris Johnson has diluted marriage, sought to appease BLM, and rebranded the Conservative Party for Pride Month, not something he would ever do for veterans, families, or anyone else for that matter. No, ‘pride’ is now apparently the Conservatives’ raison d’être. That, and NHS worship.

The only difference between the policy agenda of today’s Conservatives and that of radical Marxist subversives is that the Conservatives actually believe this claptrap. A true Marxist only uses social liberalism to fatally undermine a state later to be rebuilt along less libertine lines.

Will Conservative voters forgive the PM’s wokish turn? I somehow doubt it. But then again, maybe China won’t allow them the privilege.

Political elites that think they know best, that despise the common man and commonweal, sooner or later come unstuck. Pride comes before a fall.

The UK is now aggressively being positioned as a post-Christian state. None of the four Great Offices of State are held by a Christian. Very few senior civil servants, or business or media execs are Christians. Meanwhile, academic institutions, founded by the church and Christians, now make holding Christian beliefs anathema.

On the constitutional front, the PM fails to realise the generous gift he’s handing to us nationalists. He fails to see that many unionists voted ‘No’ in the Scottish independence referendum because the UK Government was seen as saner than the aggressively radical SNP.

Not any more!

Bereft of hope of sanity from Westminster, the four nations are waking up to the fact that they’d be better going it alone.

Maybe Boris will embrace the dismemberment of the Union as his historic calling. If the face of the Conservative & Unionist Party has so little concern for the first part of the epithet, how long til his ambivalence towards the latter starts to shine through?

It’s not unimaginable that, were the nations of the UK to go their separate ways, Johnson would embrace it, celebrate it, and christen it his “greatest victory”. One does wonder whether he would privately view the loss of Scotland or of the UK’s UN Security Council seat would be the bigger nuisance.

The woke he loves and whose votes he vainly chases appear to subscribe to the view that evil is good, carnage is order, and defeat is victory! If Churchill’s biographer cares anything for his legacy, he would instead do well to honour God, do homage to the Son (Psalm 2), promote virtue, act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with his God. (Micah 6).

Author: Amanda Black

Picture by 10 Downing Street – Twitter, OGL 3, Link.

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