Parliament will reject any deal – however favourable to Britain – that Boris Johnson might bring from Brussels. Not that there was any deal in the first place. The EU long ago decided that we were never going to leave under any circumstances and Mrs May’s deal is a punishment for even thinking of trying. If we accept it, we will be fined, our representatives expelled from the European Parliament and Northern Ireland annexed to Greater Europe. The alternative is to remain a full member, but politically humiliated to the extent that we will be regarded as a demented family member who once tried to leave home and whose affairs in consequence have to be handled from now on by a solicitor.

The BBC and Sky have reacted to this coup d’état as Europe’s broadcasters did to Hitler’s invasion of the continent in 1940 – 41. All who disagreed with the occupying power were silenced and only ‘news’ favourable to the conquerors was broadcast. Not once have I heard any commentator on our main channels offer any criticism of Brussels, anything the latter say is political holy writ, offered to ignorant and pathetic suppliants – us.

Sky is in it for the money, the BBC because it loathes and detests the working classes. It’s ok to have a few expensively dressed women with northern accents on political shows, but when it comes to the real thing – the family up north with £200 in savings who can be put on the streets if Dad incurs a parking fine and falls behind with the rent often to a landlord who pays no taxes, exports all his earning overseas, and is cheating the social services to boot – the BBC turns its head away to gaze in the windows of a Bond Street jewellers.

The EU is not a democracy but a giant rip off supermarket. If you don’t have the money to buy anything, and you don’t want to work for pittance wages that immigrants will accept then the bouncers will put you on the street, as they have an entire social class in Britain.

Nemesis awaits in the form of an unstable Euro, (coming to you next year) and thanks to continuing mass immigration, the exponential growth of an army of ageing unemployables which the EU will not have the money to feed or house.

The poor will indeed inherit the European earth. It will be an economic wasteland.

Author: Myles Harris

First published in The Salisbury Review:

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