The U.S. will issue over $3 trillion in debt between April and June of this year. The Federal deficit is already on pace to surpass $4 trillion in 2020 and that’s before the next round of stimulus programs are introduced (some members of Congress want bailouts for states as well as pension funds).

The U.S. funds its budget with tax revenues. However, tax revenues are dropping due to the economic shutdown. Moreover, the U.S. has already introduced one tax deferment to July for 2019 and 2020 taxes… and the Trump administration is now floating a proposal to extend this deferment to September or even December.

Put simply, tax revenues are collapsing right as the U.S. issues record amounts of debt.

This will work temporarily, as the bond market is showing tremendous demand for U.S. debt based on safe haven buying and fears of continued economic weakness.

However, at some point, the elites who run this country will begin looking for new sources of capital to finance their schemes.

They’ll introduce these ideas as new proposals based on “fairness” or “helping America out” but the reality is that the Powers That Be have been working on this for well nearly a decade.

Elites knew well in advance that another crisis was coming, and they put in place legislation that would allow them to:

1)    Freeze bank accounts and use them to “bail-in” financial institutions/ banks.

2)    Close the “gates” on investment funds/ money market funds to stop you from getting your money out.

3)    Impose wealth taxes and seize unused assets.

Did you know the IMF has already called for nations around the world to introduce a wealth tax of 10% on NET WEALTH as soon as possible?

If you think that’s bad, consider that the Fed plans to both seize and STEAL savings during the next crisis/ recession.

If you think this sounds like a “conspiracy theory” we’ve actually uncovered a secret document outlining exactly how the elites plan to do this. It was written by a man who has served as an advisor to THREE separate central banks.

We detail this paper and outline three investment strategies you can implement right now to protect your capital from the Fed’s sinister plan in our Special Report The Great Global Wealth Grab.

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Graham Summers, Chief Market Strategist, Phoenix Capital Research

Republished by permission of Gains Pains Capital.

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