Resist CSR Activism

The notion that to earn an abstract ‘social license to operate’, companies must promote the non-shareholder interests of wider groups of stakeholders in the community, is a way of legitimising the idea that companies should take stances on social and political issues unrelated to their business activities.

International Theft of British Blue Chip Companies

Firms under foreign ownership see their profits and dividends flow overseas, their investment decisions taken to serve foreign interests, their assets stripped and risky long-term investments shut down to boost short-run profits and dividends; domestic investment in plant and machinery, in research and development, in skills training [...] are liable to be severely curtailed; we're flogging off of assets vital to our strategic national interest [...]; but, Lynn reassures us, the wave of takeovers that is likely in the months ahead ‘will keep the stock market buoyant’.

Climate Fascists Are Closing Down our Theatres

‘Young people are telling us that BP sponsorship is putting a barrier between them and their wish to engage with the RSC,’ said a spokesperson. The pomposity of this might be funny if it weren’t that BP has subsidised their £5 ticket scheme for 16 to 25-year-olds for eight years, allowing 80,000 young people to see RSC performances at reduced rates.

Why Does the Federal Reserve Keep Slamming the Panic Button over and over if Everything Is Okay?

What in the world is the Federal Reserve doing?  For months the Fed has been trying to publicly convince us that the U.S. economy is “strong”, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell recently unequivocally stated that “the Federal Reserve is not currently forecasting a recession”, but the Fed’s actions tell a completely different story. 

“Voices of Business”: Whose Voices, whose Businesses?

Caroline Fairbairn, director-general of the CBI, recently attempted to dictate policy to the future government in the name of British business. If we were to believe the so-called voices of business, the world would be flat and the UK about to fall off the edge on Brexit day. This recent manifestation of “Project Fear” Mark III, a blatant attempt to stop Brexit by organisations and businesses which have openly declared their opposition to it, is a shocking, anti-democratic act. Some simple facts should be noted when weighing the narrow self-interest on which these interventions are based. Only 8% of UK…

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