Even More Problems with the Benn Act

The ambiguity in the Act may be a deliberate attempt to wriggle through our constitutional conventions and please two sets of lawyers and two legal requirements.

Brussels Coup d’état

The alternative is to remain a full member, but politically humiliated to the extent that we will be regarded as a demented family member who once tried to leave home and whose affairs in consequence have to be handled from now on by a solicitor.

Supreme Court: Jarndyce versus Jarndyce 2019

Almost without exception, all our senior judges grew up in the university world of the 1970s, where largely left-of-centre law faculties regarded as axiomatic the idea that the future must lie in academic human rights discourse, technocratic control by administrative judges of elected ministers, and above all the continued development of the European project...

What Makes Die-Hard Remainers Tick?

It is significant that die-hard Remainers make so many references to Trump and America as a way of labelling and dismissing Brexit. They cannot understand their own country or face up to what has happened, and so they disguise it as something else.

Japan and Germany Hysterically Race to Shut Down Nuclear Power (and Their Sovereignty)

For those in Japan and Germany celebrating that the exit from nuclear is providing an opportunity to embrace solar and wind energy, a sad slap of reality has also occurred. Not only have energy costs skyrocketed wherever green energies been built, but the toxic waste caused by those photovoltaic cells far outpaces anything produced by the dirtiest nuclear reactor.

The Bruges Group: The Voting League Table of MPs

With a General Election around the corner, the most important question for voters is which MPs are committed to leaving the EU and delivering on the will of the people and which MPs have always been wedded to Europe and will stop at nothing to betray the result of the 2016 EU referendum? Parliament voted overwhelmingly to hold a referendum and then trigger Article 50, yet three years on from the referendum date and two extensions past the 31st March, the Commons needs a new election to chuck out the Remainers who refuse to support Brexit. MPs List Votes List For…

Peak Brexit Lunacy

The sound and fury signifying nothing in the Stop Brexit At All Costs drama has reached a deafening crescendo today. Remainers are going to get their Bill to lock the UK into a long extension in order to hold a second referendum (in which actually leaving the EU may not be an option). They should be thrilled. But big bad BoJo entered stage left and said (to great effect, by the way) that he would “rather be dead in a ditch” than ask for an Article 50 extension. Nothing quite like a do or die remark to get people’s blood…

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