Michael Flynn Files a Clarifying Brief and the Court Schedule Changes

"The primary argument in the motion to withdraw the guilty plea was that the Justice Department (DOJ) had breached and broken the plea bargain agreement it made with Flynn.  The motion also mentioned issues of prosecutorial vindictiveness and a violation of constitutional due process through an unconstitutional motive on the part of the DOJ prosecutors."

Fishing, Dodgy Warrants, and the Status of Electronic Privacy in Hong Kong: An Exclusive Interview with Charles Mok

"Reflecting on the scale of police evidence collection, and the manner in which a warrant was obtained and phones were searched, Mok is in no doubt that it amounted to a ‘fishing’ operation, and that failure of legal protection in this instance may well point to broader abuse of existing legal protections."

Oregon Supreme Court Limits Police Actions at Traffic Stops

In its decision for the case Oregon v. Arreola-Botello, the Oregon Supreme Court placed restraints on cops taking such actions during traffic stops, stating that “an officer is limited to investigatory inquiries that are reasonably related to the purpose of the traffic stop or that have an independent constitutional justification."

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