Trump Threatens to “Totally Destroy and Obliterate” the Economy of Turkey if ISIS Fighters Are Released

Earlier today, the President of the United States issued a warning to Turkey and European countries to keep track of their ISIS fighters. The tweet comes as the United States is pulling out of involvement in Syria, allowing Turkey to expand its influence over the north of the country, including Kurdish-controlled areas.

John Brennan’s and Jim Clappers’ Last Gasp?

That leaves me with the alternative explanation--Smolenkov is a propaganda prop and is being trotted out by Brennan to try to provide public pressure to prevent the disclosure of intelligence that will show that the CIA and the NSA were coordinating and operating with British intelligence to entrap and smear Donald Trump and members of his campaign.

Trump’s Attack on Huawei Could Shatter US Monopoly on Operating Systems

Everyone loves the Free Market until it starts working against them. In a globalized world said economic philosophy stands in the way of “Making America Great Again” as a free market pits heavily taxed American firms using expensive labour against the cost-cutting Chinese. However, the results of Protectionist moves especially Trump’s attack on Huawei could backfire. So in this battle between Free Market principles and American Greatness, US President Donald Trump has chosen the latter putting Chinese telecommunications/consumer electronics giant Huawei on a black list of “of foreign firms barred from receiving components from US exporters without a license”. This…

Shocking Testimony to Congress Reveals Two-Fifths of Americans Have a Criminal Record

In testimony to the US Congress, Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute provided evidence on the numbers of Americans who have been arrested, convicted and incarcerated, and exposed the absence of official statistics on this basic point. Among the shocking statistics presented by Eberstadt to the Committee were the following: "[The] total number of US adults in this “convicted” population shot up from fewer than two million persons in 1948 to nearly 20 million in 2010" In 2016, 110 million Americans had "an arrest record with police authorities", up from 54 million in 1997. This equates to 44 percent…

Orbán Accuses France of Tolerating No-Go Zones where Salafist Preachers Lay Down the Law

Viktor Orbán laid out his concerns about the persecution of Christians globally, and Europe's inability to protect its borders, in a meeting yesterday with Marc Fromager, National Director of Aid to the Church in Need. Mr. Fromager who has been to the Middle East on many occasions, said that radical Muslims mostly destroy holy objects and holy places. "For persecuted Christians the whole year is Lent, every single day is Good Friday, he said, adding that according to estimates some 200 million Christians, meaning 10 per cent of the followers of Christ are unable to exercise their faith in complete…

Revisiting Ron Paul’s 1988 Case for Drug Legalization

Ron Paul helped many people discover libertarian ideas in his presidential campaigns. For me, during Dr. Paul’s 1988 presidential campaign, things worked the other way around. I was already familiar with libertarianism. And that familiarity led me to learn about Ron Paul. When Dr. Paul came through San Antonio, Texas in that campaign, I went to find out more about this man who was seeking the presidency under the Libertarian Party banner. Dr. Paul, that evening, presented an informative and interesting extemporaneous exploration of current events and his approach to them rooted in libertarian ideas. One of the things I…

Mysterious Assassination Rocks the Serb Republic

No sooner did superficial observers surmise that last year’s painful and divisive commotion over the apparent murder in March of 2018 of the obscure 21-year-old David Dragičević finally subside, then on April 23 another assassination, this time of businessman Slavko Krunić, a slightly more prominent figure, again grabbed the headlines in the Republika Srpska. For those who are not particularly keen on following affairs in that off the beaten path but strategic corner of Europe, some background may be useful. David was apparently murdered last year as the October 2018 electoral campaign was heating up, and his lifeless body was…

Plea Bargaining or Plea Extortion? Federalist Society Documentary Highlights “the Astonishing Array of Coercive Tools” Used to Extract Confessions in US Criminal Justice

A new documentary from the Federalist Society and Heritage Society has raised significant concerns about federal criminal prosecutions in the US judicial system, and the role therein of federal prosecutors. Among the issues highlighted by the documentary are standards-less decisions about who is being prosecuted; the capacity of highly-discounted plea bargaining to effectively extort guilty pleas; and, the role of mandatory minimums in buttressing the modern-day system of plea bargaining. Bennett L. Gershman, Professor of Law at Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University and a former prosecutor remarked, "I see the prosecutor as wielding the most enormous power…

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