Bill Blain: “In Order to Change the World, You Have to Get Your Head Together First!”

Tesla "is a firm that tells us it’s going to be the world’s leading car company, and take automotive industries into a whole new multiverse of ride-sharing, self-driving and energy efficiency – yet its boss tweets disgraceful life-damaging insults about those who disagree with him (comments that would get any other CEO sacked), lies about plans to privatise the firm and his source of funds, and jokes about the regulators."

Ranked: The Biggest Fast Food Chains in America

That said, no one can compare to Subway in terms of sheer volume. The chain has over 25,000 locations, making it not only the biggest fast food chain in the country, but the most common retailer overall (even beating out dollar stores). It’s possible that America has seen peak Subway though — the number of locations has been steadily dropping since 2011.

Wired World: 35 Years of Submarine Cables in One Map

At the same time, more aging cables will be taken offline. Even though signals are no longer traveling through this network of “dark fiber”, it’s still being put to productive use. It turns out that undersea telecom cables make a very effective seismic network, helping researchers study offshore earthquakes and the geologic structures on the ocean floor.

Ranked: The 20 Easiest Countries for Doing Business

If you live in New Zealand, for example, you can get a new enterprise up and running in half a day. If you live in Luxembourg or Argentina, however, it’s a different story─with the process sometimes taking over a year.

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