Next Cycle of Gold Price Gains to Set Records, Claims Report

After a 2018 that saw the official sector buy a record 651 tons of gold bullion, most analysts agree that the trend of voracious gold buying will continue in similar fashion over the next couple of years. According to a report by the World Gold Council, this year’s central bank purchases clocked in at 562 tons by the end of October, which could very well end up placing this year’s total figure above that of 2018.

The Crazy Events of the Past Month and What They Mean for 2020

"North Korea has indicated they have no intention of continuing, and the initial deal itself is being exposed as the fraudulent nothing-burger it always was. Like the China trade deal, the North Korean talks are designed to fail. China will not quadruple its agricultural purchases from the US for any meaningful length of time, and North Korea will never voluntarily denuke."

The European Court of Justice could cost UK Pension Funds over £160 billion

Lastly, should the judgment fall in favour of Mr Bauer and be applied retrospectively, UK industry would not be able to handle the cost. The PPF would be rendered insolvent and would need to be wound up or bailed out at the cost of many, many billions. Since the PPF is a statutory company, it could only be wound up by an Act of Parliament, which would necessitate a government guarantee of funding.

Bill Blain: Reason Is a Rare and Precious Commodity

The issue of Fed vs President is not going away – while the market broadly believes Powell’s and the Fed’s independence is sacrosanct, and Trump can’t sack him, it damages the credibility of the Presidency that Trump still tries to bully the Fed. But – critically - it shouldn’t have that much effect on markets, because we all know that’s just the way it is...

$69 Trillion of World Debt in One Infographic

The U.S. is also the world’s largest economy in nominal terms, putting the debt to GDP ratio at 104.3%. Other stand outs from the list above include Japan, which has the highest debt to GDP ratio (237.1%), and China , which has increased government debt by almost $2 trillion in just the last two years. Meanwhile, the European economies of Italy and Belgium check the box as other large debtors with ratios topping 100% debt to GDP.

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