Gold Is the Asset to Watch in 2020, Says Byron Wien

In 2017, Germany lowered the minimum amount of gold once can purchase anonymously to €15,000, or roughly $16,760. Now, the country’s finance ministry has once again been pressured by European Union lawmakers to place more stringent limitations on individuals’ ability to purchase hard assets without documentation.

Lance Roberts: Market Melt-Up Continues

"Of course, if the Fed fails to “extinguish” whatever “blaze” they are currently battling, then we will begin to have a very different conversation about risk, positioning, and liquidity. "

Next Cycle of Gold Price Gains to Set Records, Claims Report

After a 2018 that saw the official sector buy a record 651 tons of gold bullion, most analysts agree that the trend of voracious gold buying will continue in similar fashion over the next couple of years. According to a report by the World Gold Council, this year’s central bank purchases clocked in at 562 tons by the end of October, which could very well end up placing this year’s total figure above that of 2018.

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