America’s Political Implosion

America’s democracy and constitution is being trashed by unelected shadowy forces, aided and abetted by prestigious media outlets like the New York Times. These forces presume to know better or have more privilege than their fellow Americans who “voted the wrong way”.

Paul Craig Roberts: I Feel Sorry for President Trump

Yes, I know.  I am lining up on the wrong side.  You are supposed to hate him. The presstitutes hate Trump.  So does the Democratic Party, part of the Republican Party, the military/security complex, the entirety of the liberal/progressive/left, the universities, feminists, and Washington’s vassal states.  No one likes him but the “racist, white supremacist Trump deplorables.” Nevertheless, I feel sorry for him.  I started feeling sorry for him when he announced he would run for President of the United States.  You see, I had inside information. I had held a presidential appointment from a President of the United States.  I ended up fighting battles for…

Cherry-Picking Freedom

The AFP raids on the ABC and a News Corp journalist are alarming, but the discussion needs to go beyond press freedom. We must examine how we can better protect the fundamental freedoms of all Australians. These raids have generated a tremendous response, and after being live-tweeted by an ABC journalist, were picked up in international media. A meeting to discuss the implication of the raids has been held between ABC Chair Ita Buttrose and Prime Minister Scott Morrison. Many politicians and pundits have called for greater protection for freedom of the press. It is great to see journalists unifying to fight for…

The Fake News Narrative and the Road to Censorship

Marty Pompadur is a reference in the global media industry, where he is involved as an investor, advisor and board member. Until recently he was global vice chairman of media and entertainment for Macquarie Capital based in New York City. In June 1998, Mr. Pompadur became Executive Vice President of News Corporation, President of News Corporation Eastern and Central Europe and a member of News Corporation’s Executive Management Committee. In January 2000, Mr. Pompadur was appointed Chairman of News Corporation Europe. In his decade with News Corporation, he was instrumental in negotiating the merger of Stream and Telepiu to create…

Few City Blues on Brexit

The City of London was meant to be one of the big losers from Brexit but three years on from the referendum City firms regard themselves as fully prepared and no longer focus on the issue. Less than 1500 jobs have been moved, less than 1% of City employment. Many of you will know how one-sided the Financial Times has been on Brexit. It would not have been at all excessive to regard the paper as ‘remain central’. At times the language has bordered on incendiary and very often it has been at least over-excited. This is important because the FT…

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