Ethan Thoburn: Post-Brexit Priorities

"It is in the EU's best interest to get a FTA out of the transition period, if demand in Britain for goods and services from continental Europe drops, due to reciprocal restrictions or poor relations, for French wine and cheese or for German automobiles or for Italian food then it'll be the European Union and its businesses that will feel the brunt."

Catherine McBride: If I Were in Charge of the EU UK Trade Negotiations

"There are already 3 billion middle class people in the world and by 2030 AMRO estimates that there will be over 5 billion. As people become wealthier, they eat more, have money to save and invest, and have more leisure time. So UK industries should be looking for export opportunities outside the EU, not demanding protection, subsidies or tying themselves to EU regulations and the mythical level playing field."

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