Tafida’s Triumph, and Why It Is Not Enough

Figures show that there have been 22 occasions in the last five years where doctors have disregarded parents’ wishes and petitioned the courts to say that the best interests of seriously ill children is to die – including the recent case of Tafida Raqeeb. Pavel Stroilov, Consultant to the Christian Legal Centre, came under fire for his involvement in the controversial case of Alfie Evans. Doctors bypassed the wishes of Alfie’s parents and took him off life support in April 2018, condemning the 1-year-old to death despite alternative healthcare available to him in Italy. Pavel now writes of his own…

Brexit vs Expertocrats

Expertocrats believe that ordinary people ought to be ruled by their betters — ‘experts’, academics, and other technocrats with suitably impressive trails of letters after their names — and the role of Parliament is to act as a conduit for the dictates of these enlightened beings.

Paul Craig Roberts: Better Relations between the US and Russia Are Not on the Cards

During the Cold War both sides received false alarms of incoming attacks, but neither the Amerians nor the Soviets ever pushed the button in response to the warnings. Why?  The reason is that both sides understood that they were working to reduce tensions and to build trust.  Both sides understood that in this atmosphere the alarms had to be false.

If Donald Trump Is Impeached, That Will Be A Sign That All Hell Is About To Break Loose In America

If President Trump is impeached by the House, that will set off a chain of events that nobody is going to be able to control, and if the U.S. Senate ultimately decides to remove Trump from office, all hell will break loose in America.  There are tens of millions of very loyal Trump supporters in this country, and many of them are extremely passionate.  Simply impeaching Trump would represent a “breaking point” for many of them, and if Trump is actually removed from office by a Republican-controlled Senate it is inevitable that we would see a very frightening explosion of righteous anger, and at that point there wouldn’t be much of anything that could be done to calm them down. 

Negotiating Brexit

The first step is to make sure that the Prime Minister has the full power to bind the United Kingdom and to obtain the best result through his negotiators. You cannot have a Prime Minister whose moves are undermined by reports of a Parliament that will not accept no deal.

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