Larry C. Johnson: There Will Be Blood

"We should not be surprised in the future if other countries, such as Russia and China, embrace our new doctrine of assassinating people we say are "imminent" threats. I used to believe that our moral authority counted for something. I no longer believe that to be true. I remain eager to be proven wrong, but if history is any guide, we have not learned the lessons we need to in order to create a better future."

Is Boris the Cloaked Remainer?

Teacher’s Pet continues to grapple with irate, brick-lobbing farm-workers across France and can ill afford a big market for French cheeses, wines etc suddenly closing down over the Channel. The “yellow-jacket” protesters are determined and angry, on occasion burning EU flags.

Andrea Williams: The Truth and Grace of Christ’s Universal Rule

"Some Christians sadly think that to be full of grace you have to downplay the truth. We don’t. Jesus, the most loving, gracious human ever to live, called himself ‘the Truth’ (John 14:6). To the broken and weary he was gentle. But to those hardened in sin and leading others astray, he was forthright and uncompromising."

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