Mao’s Long March through Today’s Tory Ranks

In Alice and Wonderland, the Queen believed six impossible things before breakfast. We present just one conjecture, far-fetched at first glance, but based on evidence. The Conservative Party, as frequently observed, is no longer conservative. But it is worse than merely a liberal dilution of its former self. Our belief is that the most successful political party in British history has fallen to the diabolical ideology of cultural Marxism. This is quite a charge, but please bear with us. To begin, let us clearly state what we mean by cultural Marxism. The Guardian portrays this concept as anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, but we use…

Revisiting Ron Paul’s 1988 Case for Drug Legalization

Ron Paul helped many people discover libertarian ideas in his presidential campaigns. For me, during Dr. Paul’s 1988 presidential campaign, things worked the other way around. I was already familiar with libertarianism. And that familiarity led me to learn about Ron Paul. When Dr. Paul came through San Antonio, Texas in that campaign, I went to find out more about this man who was seeking the presidency under the Libertarian Party banner. Dr. Paul, that evening, presented an informative and interesting extemporaneous exploration of current events and his approach to them rooted in libertarian ideas. One of the things I…


"The trans-partisan alliance of liberal market economics and progressive morality that has dominated politics can no longer explain the world nor provide a political and moral compass."

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