We all know what the problem is – our towns and cities are changing out of all recognition.  We see it with our own eyes. Our streets no longer look British, English, Welsh, Yorkshirian or whatever you want to call it. Turnips are replaced by yams, churches are replaced by mosques and we hear strange languages everywhere we go. Heathrow looks like Islamabad, Hindu temples arrive in the middle of Norfolk marshes and we find people praying on the grass outside posh cafes in the middle of Canary Wharf.

It is no surprise when we are told that 70% of children born in London have one or more foreign parent. Nor does it surprise us when we learn that gross migration was 591,000 in 2010, 632,000 in 2014 and 613,000 in 2019. It never stops. It never changes whatever governments say. They sanitise the numbers by telling us about ‘net migration’ but this tells us nothing about the cultural changes taking place. They say numbers will come down but they never do so, and as a result we no longer believe anything they say. Labour wants votes, the Conservatives want cheap labour and the Lib Dems live in cloud cuckoo land.

Only 6% of illegals who land on our shores are sent back: This is an open door invitation. Even if you are a foreign national who has murdered a child, judges will try to stop you being deported because your rights might have been infringed. Nicola Sturgeon thinks giving all refugees the vote is a good idea.

We have new terms like ‘majority – minority.’ We all know what that means but are not allowed to say. We are not allowed to say, ‘We are full up.’  We are not allowed to say, ‘Health tourism is a massive problem.’ We are not allowed to say, ‘We want our country back,’ and we certainly are not allowed to say that certain groups commit crime at a far higher rate than others. We see fraud, acid attacks, rape and murder but we are not allowed to comment that their names are not Brown or Smith.

We see lawyers raking in millions from illegal immigration schemes. There are social security scams, drug line criminals, asbestos fraudsters and rape gangs but when defendants disappear abroad before trials on a second passport, everyone just shrugs their shoulders and accepts that is how it is. When it costs half a million pounds in lawyers’ fees and endless appeals to deport a single foreign criminal, no one bats an eyelid.  When a Muslim terrorist attack occurs, our government says it is nothing to do with Islam and that the perpetrators are insane.

If we say, migration lowers wages, we are shouted down and told by the left that this is rubbish – but we all know that if you have three people who want to buy a house, the price will go up and if we have eighty people who want a job, the price will go down.  We now have to force income levels up by minimum wage controls, tax credits and in-work benefits. Billions of pounds of remittances leave our shores every year through little shops in Harrow.

Every single statistic relating to immigration attracts abuse or is viciously disputed by the left. Houses prices up because ten million new migrants need a home; don’t be silly, you are talking rubbish. Schools and hospitals full, council house lists without end, roads and trains choked, public services failing – of course it is nothing to do with the number of people.

When the arguments fail to convince anyone, out comes the ‘R’ word, if not the ‘R’ word, let’s try ‘X’ for Xenophobic or ‘I’ for Islamophobic or Far Right, Fascist, Nazi or just Nasty.

Now we have Boris with his points system. There are six million small businesses in Britain.  How difficult is it for any of them to write a bogus letter offering a job to an immigrant? How will papers produced from Asian document factories be checked? An illegal needs adequate funds to obtain the necessary points? He gets a friend to transfer money into a bank account for a few days. Who will do the checking? Has anyone ever stood at the immigration counter at Croydon?

The Home Office reported: “Investigation into the abuse of English language testing [as part of the student visa application process] revealed systemic cheating which was indicative of significant organised fraud.

The administration of something as simple as student visas does not fill one with confidence that our civil service can administer anything. Nigerians, masters of internet fraud, run courses on how to scam. How about a course on how to cheat the British immigration points system? A nice little earner.

Boris, Farage and UKIP and anyone who think the points system is a panacea are mistaken.  Migration Watch thinks it will make the problem worse.

Fraud is the problem; the numbers will not decrease.

This is not just about immigration: It is about citizenship. Whilst we continue to give out British passports like confetti, we will never get control. Vietnam, a communist country, knows this, as does all of Asia. Even spouses only get three year visas. If you overstay your visa there, even by a single day, you will be instantly deported. China, a country twenty times the size of Britain gives out fewer passports in a year than we do in an afternoon. It understands.

If we had not given out passports so freely, decades ago, the problems that we are now facing in Bradford and Luton would not now exist.

Why? Because ‘Indefinite leave to remain’ or the award of a British passport, however corruptly obtained, means you are unchuckoutable.

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