Forget the Bilderburg Group meetings and how the world’s power elite meet in secret to help shape governments. Because Riseup’s, Money 20/20 events puts them to shame.

This week, October 27-30, Riseup’s second annual and highly influential “Money 2020 USA” event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Money 20/20 USA 2019’s agenda focuses mainly on creating a global digital banking system and will also focus on AI’s, biometrics and digital ID’s.

But one panel discussion in particular caught my eye.

The discussion titled “Building Fusion Centers And Combatting Evolving Threats” by Anil Markose, Senior VP for Booz Allan Hamilton, is designed to promote Homeland Security’s Fusion Centers and the spread of biometrics to track people of interest.

As you will see, using Money 20/20 USA as a platform to help spread the use of biometrics has far-reaching consequences.

According to an article in Find Biometrics, “last year’s Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas drew a crowd of over 2000 professionals from 53 countries.”

Money 20/20 USA 2018’s agenda focused on AI’s, biometrics and digital ID’s more than 50 times. A talk by CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman Becker called “CLEAR-ing a Frictionless Future With Biometrics” promoted the spread of facial recognition.

Why would Money 20/20 USA 2018 let CLEAR, a company who’s CEO said that “no’s are really yes’s” and when a potential customer say’s no to facial recognition “it is just time to pivot.” Be allowed to promote facial recognition?

CLEAR CEO Caryn Seidman Becker’s discussion about creating a future with biometrics, with Anheuser-Busch’s Global Director of Innovation and the Seattle Seahawks GM of CenturyLink Field is a disturbing example of corporate involvement in the spread of biometrics.

Clearly, using Money 20/20 USA to expand biometrics is a smart business decision (pun intended)

The Feds, bankers, and major corporations have also realized that Money 20/20 USA can be used to help spread AI’s, biometrics and digital ID’s across the globe.

Below is an example of some of this years 300 guest speakers,

Find Biometrics claims that one of this year’s most anticipated panel sessions is about using biometrics.

“At this month’s Money20/20 USA event, for example, one of the most anticipated panel sessions will tackle Invisible Authentication: How UIX-Focused Biometrics Can Make Passwords Disappear. Slated for October 29th, the panel will feature BioConnect CEO Rob Douglas, Onfido CEO Husayn Kassai, IDEMIA SVP Matt Thompson, and Acuity Market Intelligence Principal Analyst Maxine Most; and it will be hosted by FindBiometrics Digital Content VP Susan Stover.”

The list of companies attending this year’s Money20/20 USA event makes the Bilderburg Group meetings look like child’s play.

Corporations like CLEAR, FacePhi, IDEMIA and Booz Allan Hamilton all make their money off of monitoring everyone. So it is no surprise that representatives from these companies use Money 20/20 events to help them spread biometrics everywhere.

Surprisingly or perhaps not so much, members of the mass media (Bloomberg, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC and NBC) are also speaking at the event. Even Comcast and Netflix have sent someone to speak at the event.

Why are members of America’s mass-media involved with an event that seems focused on creating a global digital banking system and spreading biometrics across the globe?

With so many influential people pushing to expand biometric tracking, is it any wonder that America is beginning to resemble China?

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