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The world as we know it has been shut down over the past several weeks, and humans all over the planet have been much less active.

Naturally, animals have been a bit more free to explore the world than they usually would be, and some of them have taken advantage of the rare opportunity.

In recent weeks, there have been numerous viral stories about animals taking over areas that were once busy for humans. And while some have been shown to be false, there have been instances of this actually happening.

In San Francisco, multiple residents including CNBC health and tech reporter Christina Farr, witnessed coyotes wandering city streets. The sightings were also confirmed by the San Francisco Gate.

Coyotes are not unheard of in San Francisco and while there have been some sporadic sightings over the years, they have mostly kept out of view.

Now that there are no people in the streets the coyotes seem to be making themselves more comfortable.

On Monday, Twitter user @manishkumar457 shared a photo of a coyote walking down the sidewalk in San Francisco.

On Tuesday, Twitter user @_laguresymas posted a photo of a coyote in the Marin Headlands.

Coyotes were also seen in parks and small gardens.

Vice producer Gianna Toboni tweeted that her family saw three coyotes near their house in San Francisco, but did not post any photos.

Some who posted photos or reported these sightings were questioned by other Twitter users about why they were outside in violation of the city’s “shelter in place” order.

It remains unclear when the streets will again be filled with cars and humans in San Francisco and the rest of the United States.

U.S. President Donald Trump is hoping the country will be back to work in mid-April to prevent any further damage to the economy, a decision that health officials have warned strongly against.

Author: John Vibes

Republished by permission of the Mind Unleashed. CC BY 4.0.

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