Today, the far-left is betraying real progressive politics by coercing its base to ‘self-identify’ with phantoms that never really existed before. Then, while these hapless ‘victims’ are busy chasing purple unicorns across a psychedelic landscape the issues that once mattered the most to the middle class are forgotten.

Beginning with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal the Democrats enjoyed a hard-earned reputation as the truly ‘progressive’ party. Through a series of federal programs enacted between 1933 and 1936, like the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), the Farm Security Administration (FSA), and the Social Security Administration (SSA), American workers gradually got back on their feet following the Great Depression. So powerful was the legacy of the New Deal that FDR served four consecutive terms (1933-1945), while the Democrats controlled the White House for seven out of the nine presidential terms from 1933 to 1969.

Describing the Democrats’ initiatives during this tumultuous period, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. explained in ‘The Cycles of American History’ that the Liberals “saw government as, historically and potentially, an indispensable instrument of the general welfare…” Although criticized for invoking the radical policies of John Maynard Keynes, who advocated that the government spend money it didn’t have, at least the hearts and minds of the Liberals seemed to be in the right place.

It would be very hard to argue that that is the case today. Many people are truly perplexed, asking what on earth happened to the Democrats and their commitment to the working man and woman in the face of corporate power run amok.

Consider the case of Barack Obama. America’s first African American president was elected into office in 2009 amid economic circumstances reminiscent of those faced by Roosevelt. A little over a year earlier, the bottom had fallen out of the US economy with the subprime mortgage crisis, which led to the extinction of Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in the country at the time. The Financial Crisis of 2007-8 has gone down as the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

At the time, many Americans were anticipating that Obama would initiate a crackdown on the ‘banksters’ who had, by all indication, knowingly rigged the economy to crash out of sheer rapaciousness. Although the Fed turned the money hoses on full blast to extinguish the burning economy, the ‘arsonists’ were never held responsible for the damage they had done to millions of Americans.

“Barack Obama,” wrote Drew Weston in the New York Times as the ‘hope and change’ parades were dying down, “when faced with the greatest economic crisis, the greatest levels of economic inequality, and the greatest levels of corporate influence on politics since the Depression… stared into the eyes of history and chose to avert his gaze.”

Although this article is not about Barack Obama, it does seem that the latest stage of liberal insanity that now plagues the Democratic Party started under his administration. It was then that Pandora’s Box was cracked open, releasing a blast of controversial legislation onto the cultural scene in one fell swoop.

Same-sex marriage, the legalization of marijuana in some states and the transgender bathroom bill all happened in rapid machinegun fashion one after another, too fast to be processed by normal people. Although ‘gay marriage’ and the legalization of cannabis for recreational use certainly rocked the Heartland, it was Obama’s transgender ‘bathroom’ legislation that shook the cultural scene like a veritable earthquake.

The idea of allowing biological males to wake up one morning, identify as females, thereby permitting them to use the ladies’ bathroom and changing facilities is wrong on so many levels it is hard to believe it ever entered a sane person’s skull, let alone the President of the United States. But such are the times. Although the Trump administration rolled back the “signature” Obama legislation, the transgender movement – much like the feminist craze of a bygone generation – promises to press forward once a new Democrat, assuming the brand has not been damaged beyond repair, gets back into the White House again. In other words, the insanity is out of the bag and good luck to the ‘transphobic’ person who wants to stuff it back, as former tennis great Martina Navratilova recently discovered.

Meanwhile, speaking of feminists, the transgender movement will, if successful, eradicate all of the past gains women have made in various pursuits, not least of all in the world of sports. Now that biological males are able to competealongside females in many athletic contests, it doesn’t take much imagination to understand who will be winning all the future female world records and event titles. Yet here is the irony: rarely will anybody witness a biological woman who has transitioned to a male demanding to enter any male-dominated sport and this more than anything exposes the absolute folly of the entire spectacle.

Naturally, this places the ladies in a strange position of not being able to protest against the transgender demographic, minuscule as it is, since the latter are advocating for status by playing the victim card, much like many females did back in the day.

It makes for a fun thought experiment to ask who will be the next victim group that knocks transgender people off the podium of political correctness. Could it be the robots? Since we now accept the gender bender argument that testosterone-filled men can be women, and vice-versa, who’s to stop a very articulate and extremely powerful robot from proclaiming its right to compete against humans on the field of dreams? If humans are now copulating and marrying the intelligent machinery it stands to reason they, the humans, will also support the right of robots to participate in human sports not limited to lovemaking. Just a thought.

But as we can see now, the Liberals were just warming up for the main event, which gives millions of illegal migrants the right to invade our nation, while at the same time – wait for it – make infanticide legal.

Yes, infanticide. In fact, New York State legislators stood proud and applauded following the passage of the barbaric Reproductive Health Act, which allows doctors to terminate babies in the third trimester, as well as after they are born in the event they somehow survive a blotched abortion attempt.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was so enthralled by the passage that he ordered One World Trade Center’s 408-foot spire illuminated in pink flood lights. Yes, pink. How appropriate.

Nearly two decades ago, 19 terrorists brought down the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center complex with hijacked aircraft. Now that same site is being desecrated by commemorating the death of yet more innocents – potentially millions more – by an altogether different sort of terrorism. If that crude and grotesque gesture doesn’t show that the Democrats have lost the plot then I don’t know what does. The Liberals don’t deserve to be beaten in 2020. They deserve to become outcasts of the US political system for their part in helping destroy the last vestiges of everything that was once good about America.

Author:  Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. 

Originally published in Strategic Culture online journal ( The views of individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation.

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Image source: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York [CC BY 2.0]. Image cropped. 

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