Pro-life leaders in Michigan are laying heavy criticism on Governor Gretchen Whitmer for standing firm on her executive order which deems abortion “life-sustaining” and, ironically, bans the sale of vegetable seeds and plants for Michiganders to grow their own food.

As we’ve recently reported, Gov. Whitmer’s orders to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus are even more draconian than those in states like New York and California, leading to massive protests in the state.

Under executive order 2020-42, which went into effect April 9, the few stores were allowed to remain open were instructed to “cordon off” sections of their store where gardening supplies, seeds, tools, and other home gardening necessities are stocked.

Reaching the very heights of irony, however, Gov. Whitmer has opted to allow elective abortions to continue amid the pandemic, arguing that a woman’s ability to have her unborn child surgically murdered is “life-sustaining.”

“We stopped elective surgeries here in Michigan,” said in an April 16 interview with CNN podcaster David Axelrod. “Some people have tried to say that that type of a procedure [abortion] is considered the same, and that’s ridiculous. A woman’s health care, her whole future, her ability to decide if and when she starts a family is not an election. It is a fundamental to her life. It is life-sustaining, and it’s something that government should not be getting in the middle of.”

The Michigan Catholic Conference responded in a statement on the following Sunday, upbraiding Gov. Whitmer for her doublespeak.

“Governor Whitmer’s comment that abortion is ‘life-sustaining’ comes as no surprise; for most if not all of her political career the governor has carried the banner for abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy,” the statement reads, in part. “Her comments indicate how easily candidates for higher office are pushed into a dark corner by the abortion industry.”

“Residents across the state have been forced to delay their non-emergency medical procedures due to the pandemic,” the statement continues. “Yet the governor insists that elective abortions continue, as she believes the procedure ‘sustains life.’ The logic is removed from reality: night is not day; war is not peace. How can Governor Whitmer on the one hand prohibit medical surgeries and the growth of food through gardening yet refer to a procedure that intentionally destroys a developing human person as ‘life sustaining?’”

The statement concludes, and we wholeheartedly agree: “We call on Governor Whitmer to pause and reflect on the wounds her comments have created for countless people in this state and elsewhere. We all need the governor’s sole focus right now to be on the needs of the people of Michigan, not the demands of the abortion industry.”

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