It seems as though the idea of an unplanned pregnancy or the thought of potentially abstaining from sexual activity is throwing the women of the United Kingdom  into absolute “chaos” as a shortage of “needed” contraception that has resulted in warnings from “experts.”

Sadly, this story won’t take anyone by surprise.

The BBC reports that “leading sexual health experts” have actually written to ministers with warnings that the contraception supply shortage is starting to cause a real problem across the UK.

The report says that several daily pills, including Noriday, Norimin, and Synphase, and a long-lasting injectable contraceptive are in no or low supply. This current shortage comes after the UK also experienced a shortage of hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women last year. The cause of the shortage is unclear.

The BBC reports:

The Royal College of GPs said its members were doing their best to help women find alternatives – there are many different types of daily pill available.

Faculty president Dr Asha Kasliwal said; “We are aware that women are sent away with prescriptions for unavailable products and end up lost in a system. This is causing utter chaos.”

The faculty has teamed up with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the British Menopause Society to write to ministers, asking them to set up a working group to address the problems.

The letter warns women are becoming distressed by having to find alternative products that might not necessarily suit them or go without contraception altogether.

It said this was affecting the “physical and mental wellbeing of girls and women” and could lead to a “rise in unplanned pregnancies and abortions”.

The government in England said it was working with manufacturers to resolve the problems and expected the shortages to ease soon.

What an utterly sad state of affairs that women are, apparently, unaware that there is yet another way to avoid unplanned pregnancy: abstinence. It seems that abstaining from sexual activity outside of marriage is an absurd suggestion in the “woke” and sexually free 21st century when basic common sense, to say nothing of Biblical morals, has been all but abandoned.

In a world full of contraception and abortion, why bother with being responsible and having integrity and self-worth when you can have fun and “hook up” with numerous men in meaningless sexual jaunts? This seems, at least, to be the mindset of modern-day women despite the #MeToo culture in which women vehemently oppose becoming the victims of sexual objectification. Young women are not even being taught that self-restraint anymore and, To  progressive women, the biblical principles and standards that used to be taken for granted are “antiquated.”

The fact remains that the safest sex is restricted to the confines of marriage, everything beyond is unsafe, immoral, and has very real consequences.

Now, these women are reportedly in a panic without dangerous contraceptives that only serve to allow them to degrade and shame themselves. This is because they rely on pharmaceutical, synthetic hormones to protect them from the consequences of unsafe sex, rather than restraint and dignity.

Let’s raise up our daughters to know their worth and make better decisions so the next generation relies on common sense and morals to keep them safe rather than the culture of death and promiscuity.

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