They are smug, middle class, white, rich, educated, and have expressions of sneering contempt when asked why they are stopping little people getting to work on their faces you want to slap very hard, not once but often. There will have been many watching the extinction warriors being pulled off various trains who wished they would end up under the trains they tried to stop.

But are the smug faces wrong? Britain along with many other developed countries has lost over 40% of its wildlife in the last half century, and if this trend continues will be an overpopulated wasteland (hugely accelerated by uncontrolled immigration) in a hundred more, its fields and hedgerows, farms, little villages everything that made the England we once knew, a distant memory.

Have you noticed how all the birds are vanishing? When was the last time you woke to a din of sparrows over the rooftops or the dawn chorus ? Do you think prairie farming has any benefits except for Sainsburys or Waitrose?

And if the natural environment all over the world declines at the same rate how long have we got?

I know that tribal loyalties are far more important than than our existence, and that applies to the right and the left, we on the right will still be congratulating ourselves on how we spotted the hypocrisy of the extinction movement even as our children face catastrophe.

Now that new two lane bypass you are canvassing for to keep traffic away from your village? Got the leaflets ready? Lobbied the local council? That Tory MP you had dinner with the other week, a phone call perhaps?

How I love the smell of warm tarmac in the morning!

Author: Myles Harris

First published in The Salisbury Review:

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