One of the basic principles involved in concealing a covert politico/military action is to wrap the whole thing in multiple layers of cover so that when exposure occurs you can say, well, OK, it wasn’t that.  It was really this!

In the case of the Wuhan virus disaster, there were initial reports that the virus had somehow “leaked”  from the Chinese viral lab at Wuhan.

The WHO, headed by a well compensated Ethiopian Marxist friend of the CCP, pushed back hard against that claiming that wild meat in a market had caused the disease.  In this he was greatly assisted by the US leftist media crying RACISM! at anyone who said otherwise.

The wild meat story was a second layer of the cover “onion.”

The next development is a “leak” from within the USIC that local bat meat consumption had nothing to do with it.  The local bats have been identified by genetic analysis of the virus as being the wrong bats.  The bat genes in the virus come from hundreds of miles away.

Ah! time for revelation of a third and deeper layer of “cover,” which is “Oh, well,” it was an accident.  “Nobody is perfect, and anyone who thinks this might have been an inept criminal scheme under international law is a disciple of “tailgunner Joe.”

I left out a few minor flourishes in the “cover” game.  There was an early effort to see if the world public would “buy” the idea of American soldiers infecting Wuhan with the virus.  Only hardened believers in US evil paid any attention to that.  There have been efforts to say that China was deeply wounded by the outbreak.  Really?  Where?  The consumer economy in Shanghai and Beijing is roaring along with all stores and restos open.  The death toll in each of these cities has been less than a thousand.  How lucky they were!

We are going to continue to burrow down through the layers of “cover” until the truth becomes apparent.

The governments are unlikely to accuse the CCP and China directly of the depth of their perfidious attacks on the US and the West.  Diplomacy must continue.  Pig slaughter and lima bean production and export must resume, but, the truth will be known.  There will be consequences.

Author: PL

Republished by permission Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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