And so the first Domino in the “Russiagate” scandal has decided to stand back up. Lieutenant-General Michael Flynn the former national security advisor to President Trump now says that he is innocent and was forced into confessing due to “The prosecutors concoct(ing) the alleged ‘false statements’ by their own misrepresentations, deceit, and omissions.” This revelation raises common questions that pop into the public’s mind when an unexpected turn of events happens – what’s next and why now?

If at some point in recent history Flynn was so terrified of being convicted of improper FARA registration (which could be treason) that he plead guilty strategically for mercy, it means that he currently feels that he can win this legal battle and be acquitted of the charges. Basically only now does he think his truth can win in a court of law. This newfound strength in Flynn’s belief in his own innocence implies is that the whole Special Counsel Robert Mueller/Russiagate thing has not only failed but is now going to be on the defensive.

Flynn’s counter accusations are not some sort of thing to do when you’re bored, it is a thing to do when one is sure they can win, so apparently he must have had some pretty strong evidence/tactics at-the-ready before revoking his guilty plea. He has had a few years worth of time to go to the media with his claim that Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandon Van Grack (during the plea bargain dealings) demanded that he provide false testimony against himself. Which means he is either very lazy or was sure things would only be worse if he did until now.

The former national security advisor growing a spine and standing up for himself probably has to do with the ever strengthening position of Trump in Washington. The Donald was under threat of impeachment even before taking office (which is so shockingly irrational and un-American that it should never be forgotten) and many thought he wouldn’t even survive a year in power before having to smell the coffee and go back to firing people on a reality show. A pillar of Trump’s strength has been his ability to turn the tables on Russiagate and attack the Democrats with their crimes and ethics violations that were a deep part of Ukrainegate/The Maidan. If the Left wouldn’t have pounced on Trump with Russia accusations he would have never had the opportunity to expose their work with and in Kiev. But they did and he has been wisely strengthening his American Presidency but swatting down attack after attack.

But Trump strengthening his position is not enough for Flynn to want to immediately run to the media to restore his legacy. There is a “known unknown” in this equation as Donald Rumsfeld would put it, that being the “why now” question. Flynn’s reversal could be the sign that Trump is going to shift from rightfully accusing certain Democrats of foul play to actually pushing for it to be proven in a court of law. For if the President and his allies are going to make a push against their enemies, it would sure help to get rid of that ugly “guilty plea” which looks so very bad on court documents and Mainstream Media headlines. In some ways Flynn’s plea bargain is a very large blotch on Trump’s legacy that needs to be erased before he can go forward so this could be the answer to the “why now” question.

Although Trump as the incumbent, who is far more popular than the talking heads will admit to, having a few timely convictions of Blue candidates would certainly help him clinch his second term and start if off with a lot of leeway for action, which he completely lacked the first time around. The best defense is a good offense, especially in Beltway schoolgirl mudslinging.

Some would say that this may be happening now because Trump has learned how to “play ball”. Meaning that this is why any attempts to pin him to Russia by lifelong professional politicians in large quantities have totally failed. Trump’s missile strike on Syria and later missile assassination of Iran’s beloved General Soleimani along with passionate verbal support for Israel have probably bought him a seat at the elite table or at least gotten the Orangeman out of the doghouse.

It is unclear if Trump is selling out, buying in, playing 3D chess, or just very lucky, but the Flynn reversal on pleading guilty is another sign of success and stability for Trump’s Presidency. We are very likely to see Trump’s accusers, probably starting with the Mueller Team, begin to get the fingers pointed back at them as Trump works his networking and favor giving magic from behind the Oval Office.

But regardless, if you haven’t read either of them, forcing someone to provide false witness (against themself) is a big “no-no” in both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution and if Flynn is innocent then this is a major victory for the U.S. Justice System.

Tim Kirby is an independent journalist, TV and radio host.

Originally published in Strategic Culture online journal. The views of individual contributors do not necessarily represent those of the Strategic Culture Foundation.

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