Article 33 of the Hungarian Parliament Bill 9934 will end legal recognition of transgenderism, making the definition of sex and gender in Hungarian law, a person’s sex as recognised at birth.

„x) születési nem: az elsődleges nemi jelleg, illetve kromoszóma alapján meghatározott biológiai

In the case of doubt, sex is further defined as biological sex as determined by a person’s chromosomes.

The bill, which is still to be signed into law by the Hungarian President, János Áder was passed by 134 to 56 votes with four abstentions. The President is expected to sign the bill despite pressure from European Parliament legislators to refer it to the country’s Constitutional Court, which would be more likely to overturn it.

It comes as the European Parliament passed a resolution condemning Hungary and Poland’s coronavirus bills by 395 to 171 on 17 May 2020, and are increasingly meddling in the legislative process of the two countries. In response, Hungary continues to strength relations with the United States and Russia, and with socially conservatives parties and political organisations throughout Europe.

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