It is ludicrous and shameful that President Donald Trump should face an onslaught of hysterical hatred for taking even the most cautious and tiniest of steps to try and scale back the metastasized US military presence across the Middle East.

Meanwhile the appalling, abominable chaos and suffering inflicted on the region by the holier-than-thou “righteous” military interventions unleashed by Trump’s two predecessors George W. Bush and Barack Obama continue to pour suffering, persecution, starvation, violence and death on hundreds of millions of innocent people.

Major size nations that should have known better like the United Kingdom, France and Australia eagerly tried to curry favor with America’s Mad Boy Emperors by jumping on board their war chariots and joining them in pouring down Fire From Heaven on one nation after another across the Middle East and South Asia that had dared to vote against Washington’s desires at the United Nations.

The ancient Christian communities and other fabled peoples, now small and fragile minorities of those lands were among the primary victims of the chaos and extremism that was then unleashed.

That is why the Hungarian government has now committed 650,000 euros to the Yazidi community in Iraq to support reconstruction work in the Sinjar region that was the historic Yazidi heart. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) murdered thousands of innocent Yazidis in its surge across the region in 2014 and forced the exodus of nearly half a million people belonging to the group.

“Relocation of these IDPs remains a great concern for Yazidi leaders, but proper living conditions are essential for their return to their home region,” writes Hungary’s State Secretary for Persecuted Christians Tristan Azbej.

The Hungarian government therefore has stepped in, even with its most limited resources and major security threats facing it to channel funds to Nadia’s Initiative, the organization of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Nadia Murad, and the Free Yezidi Foundation.

Here is true leadership on the global scene in contrast to the endless, mealy-mouthed American and NATO fake posturing on the subject.

Here is the government of a physically small and supposedly minor nation daring to break the silent global consensus of cowardice and silence in the face of aggression and evil. Hungary’s leader have stepped out with the humble resources available to them in efforts to bring healing and offer sanctuary and shelter to the victims of Washington’s Sorcerers’ Apprentices welding their maniacal power run riot.

Hungary makes no pretense to being anything other than a small nation in terms of its size of territory, resources and population. But it is well on the way to proving itself a giant in moral leadership in Europe and now across the world.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, the government and people of Hungary have left no doubt that the treasures of Western Christian Civilization – robbed from them by half a century of dark Nazi and Communist tyrannies still matter and are worth preserving despite the cost.

The Hungarians in contrast to the naive suicidal witlessness of the Germans, the French and the British have shown themselves to be resolute and determined for many years in defying the most blatant pressures of the Godless and also Spineless West to open their borders to an uncontrolled flood of peoples from far away and with vastly differing cultural values. They have also worked overtime to provide sanctuaries – as the United States and Canada used to – for refugees from murderous global tyrannies, be they Communism or extreme Islamism.

Now the Hungarians have taken another bold and giant step by offering refuge to the Yazidi peoples who were so horrifically and memorably targeted by the surging Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) half a decade ago.

The Hungarians, in thinking boldly are establishing a precedent of vast importance: They are saying that the protection, support and rescue of the ancient Christian communities of the Middle East is a matter of the greatest moral, spiritual and even cultural importance. Here are communities that have maintained their Faith and Tradition all the way back to the days of the Apostles themselves. The Mystic Chords of Memory that US President Abraham Lincoln referred to in his First Inaugural Address could not be nourished in a more important and profound way.

For the support of the Christian communities of the Middle East, especially in war ravaged Syria, Lebanon and Iraq is not just a very bright idea – it is a Big and Profound Concept as well.

Other traditionally deeply Christian nations like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland need to jump on board too and follow Hungary’s bold lead. The parties that still –laughingly – dare to call themselves Christian Democrats in the European parliaments need to throw their cowardly and contemptible “me-too” open borders liberalism and cultural appeasement overboard at long last too. Again, Hungary has shown them the way.

America’s great songwriter troubadour Bob Dylan channeled the Biblical Book of Ecclesiastes when he wrote of changing times when the Last should be First and the First Last.

Now Hungary and its leaders have shown that in these fearful times of storm and change, it is also the Small who can be Great.


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