On 24 June 2016, when the Brexit Referendum result was announced, I was thrilled. The Great British Public had voted to take back their nation and return to self-determination. However, my excitement swiftly dissipated, as in the following years, Brexit was progressively watered down and smear campaigns about Brexit, or ‘Project Fear’ as they became known, became incessant. To me, it seemed that the UK Brexit Referendum hadn’t taken place at all…

From the beginning of the Brexit Referendum Campaign, I could see it would be a hard battle for Leave voters to fight. The mainstream media, big businesses, the elite political establishment and even those celebrities such as singers, comedians, TV stars, movie stars, scientific fiction writers and even football pundits, of whom the vast majority can barely relate to politics, all got involved to form a powerful coalition for Remain campaign.

Film actress Emma Thompson felt strongly that “she was more European than British”. Jeremy Clarkson sent out a strong message to his car loving fans, that Britain, the world’s fifth largest economy somehow was merely a small island and it would have little influences on the world’s stage after leaving the EU. This view was passionately echoed by singer Bob Geldof. Indeed, on 15th June 2016, Bob Geldof and some of his fans (probably his political followers at that moment), suddenly appeared on River Thames out of nowhere. They were not at a concert on the water. They all stood on the deck of a white colored yacht, yelling and mocking at hard working British fishermen who merely wanted their fishing rights back from the EU. For some reason Bob thought that getting our fishing waters back to increase fishing production was some sort of economic act of self-harming.

These celebrities’ thoughts on Britain’s exit from the EU may seem ridiculous, but the views from those career politicians, those remain MPs who have done so many political debates and so many interviews year after year, seemed to be equally ridiculous. In their comments on Brexit, the most frequently used words were “crash out,” “poorer,” and “chaos …” All very negative!

Labour Party MP Emily Thornberry said that Britain had disappeared into a Brexit black hole. This is turning black into white, as the fact is if we don’t leave the EU quickly, Britain would be engulfed by the EU’s looming black hole of debt – a very real prospect considering how many Eurozone countries are in severe crisis with unpayable debt. Her Labour Party colleague, Diane Abbott, expressed her huge disappointment on the Referendum result by saying, “this is not Tony Benn’s Brexit, and this is Donald Trump’s Brexit.” Brexit is not ‘owned’ by any political figure or individual, as the Referendum victory strictly belongs to the 17.4 million British voters who voted to leave the EU. Also, the two people Abbott mentioned had literally nothing to do with 2016 referendum. When the Referendum campaign was going on in Britain, one was in another country and the other was in another world. Even if Diane Abbott’s outburst became reality, personally I think if Donald Trump is in charge of Brexit negotiations, he may appear calmer than Diane Abbott in a negotiation room, because if Abbott is involved in such negotiation she may faint at the negotiating table when faced with a long list of figures, numbers & graphs regarding tariff, surplus or deficits.

Liberal Democrat Party leader Jo Swinson said firmly that she would reject a second pro-Leave referendum result. This statement was blatantly ridiculous. There is an idiom “don’t count your chicken before they hatch.” Swinson was unfortunately doing it the other way around. So far, there is no sign of a second referendum that may take place anytime soon, so just how Swinson could put such a wishful fantasy into her mind is anybody’s guess. It is like someone who is busy preparing a wedding anniversary plan without even having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Swinson also promised to her Party Faithful that they will revoke article 50 if the Liberal Democrats wins the General Election. It seems that Swinson understands neither liberty nor democracy.

Speaking of Democracy, ex-Tory MP, Dominic Grieve added his own vision to it as he advocated that Britain needs mature democracy, where different proposals should be on the table for a close analysis. In truth, his plea for a mature democracy is his way of bemoaning that because the peoples’ democratic wish didn’t fit his own political ideal, so it needs more ideas. Basically, he wants just one alternative idea – Remain in the EU – to be put on table for those career politicians like him to ‘analyze and approve’. Such arrogance could leave one speechless…

We all know modern parliamentary democracy was originated in the UK. Since the signing of Magna Carta, democracy has been in existence in Britain for over 800 years. If democracy in the UK is not mature enough, where else might be? It’s because of Grieve and his fellow remain MP’s constant unreasonable bickering in the House of Commons that British Democracy looks so childish and immature on the world stage. Dominic Grieve has acted as a thief who cries “stop thief”.

Similarly, London Mayor Sadiq Khan at a recent Anti-Brexit rally on 15 October, 2019 was trying to reinvent the meaning of democracy. On the stage, he pointed to the location of the Supreme Court on his left and the House of commons on his right saying the supreme court and the parliament which dared to defy the government’s decision making was “what democracy looks like.” It is well known that the word ‘democracy’ was originated from Greek language, which consists of two short words where “demos” means people and “Kratos” means rule of power. Democracy literally means rule by people and it’s definitely not rule by Court or rule by Parliament. Since Brexit is not the decision from the UK government, but from a political demand of 17.4 million people, those pro-remain Judges and Remain MPs’ efforts in thwarting Brexit, though highly appreciated by London Mayor, was obviously not democracy but anti democracy. Yet he chose to show his ignorance right in front of his crowd and to hundreds and thousands of Youtubers worldwide. Quite something!

The problem with Sadiq Khan is in fact the problem shared with the whole self-righteous and self-entitled Remain establishment. From liberal celebrities to career politicians they are full of their own self-importance. As such, they cannot admit that they are not as intelligent as they think themselves to be. For years, this favoured class of the main stream media frequently turned up at various TV shows, or political debates where they were welcomed by those biased hosts and selected audiences who shared the same thoughts as them. Such a media hype totally deluded them and disconnected them from the political reality.

That’s why even after making so many insane and idiotic political comments they still have difficulty in realizing how incompetent, how inept and how dumb they actually are in real world. They have lived comfortably in their liberal bubble for so many years, they’ve developed some kind of inexplicable & unshakable superiority towards anyone who might dare to make an alternative political choice from them. Therefore, even after some three years has passed, they still snub Leave voters as “they didn’t know what they were voting for”. Deep down in their hearts, they couldn’t accept the fact that they have lost to people whom they feel are so inferior to them intellectually and culturally.

They include the word “people” into their campaigning slogans such as “Peoples’ Vote” but in their mind “people” may only refer to those career politicians, left-wing academics, liberal celebrities, environmentally aware middle classes, peace loving “snowflake” generation who have yet to experience a taste of hardship for making a living. For most Remain elites, those older generations who still value the British tradition and patriotism and many ordinary people who worry about their jobs and standards of living being affected by the EU’s disastrous policies, were just a bunch of uneducated and misinformed bigots.

It is therefore no surprise that they have never accepted the referendum result. Instead they act like zombies that, having been dismembered, gradually rise up from a dead corpse. But this time, they renew their smearing campaign on Brexit with more determined viciousness. In 2016, because they misjudged the mood of the British people with their arrogant and opinionated attitude, they lost their argument in the referendum. But in the three years that have passed, they have learned nothing from their defeat. Even today, they still woefully underestimate the British peoples’ willingness in defending true democracy and the British peoples’ determination to win back their independence and sovereignty. If they refuse to take a great lesson from the past, they are bound to take a greater loss in the future.

Author: Ryan Lee

This article was first published on the Bruges Group website, and is republished with permission. You may not use, copy, distribute, publish, syndicate, sub-license and transmit the whole or any part of such material in any manner and in any format and/or media without the permission of the original publishers.

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