Once again the Foreign Office without the consent of the people, is planning on repatriating large numbers of enemy combatants and their dependents to Britain.

Sixty orphaned children, the dependents of dead parents of whom a number may well have run murderous ISIL camps in Syria, have now arrived in Britain. To soften us up to this we were treated to touching scenes of toddlers being led to safety by caring, white, hands. Many, many more refugees will follow, few of whom will fit the charitable criteria of the sixty children.

The scheme to bring them here is another Trojan horse in what appears to be a relentless population replacement operation overseen by Whitehall. There is now talk of letting in families of terrorists, mothers and children, followed by their dependents and eventually the terrorists themselves under amnesty? As I write Sir Mark Sedwill, Britain’s National Security Advisor and ex head of the Civil Service has said such fighters could be repatriated if proper measures could be set up to dealt with them. One suspects such measures will probably not involve trials. The courts will be too busy trying our own troops.

Why? There appears to exist an assumption among our betters that brown is better than white, Islam better than Christian, and that foreign soldiers and terrorists who have waged war on us are to be given amnesty for their awful crimes. This is in contrast to the treatment of our own troops who are to be thrown to the legal wolves at every opportunity.

In 2016, under the guise of rescuing abandoned children from refugee camps in Calais, the Home Office managed to import twenty to thirty year old men along with them. At first it was thought to be an administrative blunder, but it soon became clear that a cover up operation was in progress. Among the real child refugees were ‘children’ aged from nineteen to thirty five who were rushed past reporters draped in blankets to conceal what in less tragic circumstances would be an hilarious political pantomime.

Things became even more comic when the same ‘children’ demanded razors and shaving gear on arriving at their adoptive parents’ homes. Act three of this pantomime saw the same ‘children’ seated in school among eight to ten year olds and now three years later it is still going on.

What is behind this madness ? Class war. Those in power have never been happy with ordinary people being given the vote, but as long as the latter voted Labour, they did not object. Labour is as much part of the establishment – those who dine on that ever tasty dish, political power – as the most gouty old hanging judge on the Queen’s Bench.

When the working class deserted Labour in the eighties for grocer’s daughter Mrs Thatcher the gloves came off. She offered the lowly property rights and a means of climbing the political ladder to power and influence. They had to be kept out. Enter ‘New Labour’s’ Mr Blair and mass immigration

Hundreds of thousands of Somalis, Pakistanis, Indians, Arabs, South Americans and Chinese began to arrive subject to only the most cursory immigration checks, if at all. Millions are now here. It became illegal to object to this population change just as when the Germans invaded France it was dangerous to as much as raise an eyebrow on passing a German sentry in Paris. Fear has entered our minds.

Brexit was a last attempt by the common people to regain their sovereignty. It is not an argument about a 4% tariffs on Belgium vegetables, 5% on German Pilsner, or 2% on BMW tyres; it is about who should rule, those we elect through the ballot box or a self-appointed, self-serving, self-enriching oligarchy. We now have rulers who are out to destroy us. The seeds of revolution have been planted.

Author: Myles Harris

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