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Just when we think they won’t get any more brazen, they do.

Not long ago, the system’s violations of parental rights were kept to the shadows. Child Protective Services (CPS) targeted minorities and the poor because these were least able to defend themselves, and more likely to be dismissed by the general population.

But the once-secretive system has since faced  high-profile cases, like Maryanne Godboldo’s SWAT team standoff and the Pelletier family’s fight to rescue their  daughter, Justina, from the trauma inflicted by Boston Children’s Hospital. And instead of being ashamed, the System has just gotten bolder.

Now the System has successfully stacked itself so high against families that even insiders are no longer immune.

Earlier this year we heard from a court officer who found out first-hand how easy it can be for someone to make an anonymous false accusation against him through a child abuse hotline. And he learned that CPS won’t just drop it, even when they have far more evidence that the report was intentionally false than they do that abuse has ever taken place. And now doctors are being accused of child abuse by the very hospitals they work for.

You may have already heard the story of Wisconsin doctors John Cox and his wife, Sadie Dobrozsi. Their nightmare was featured in two full-length articles on NBC News’ website last month.

John and Sadie were living a dream, getting to know and love the precious baby girl they were in the process of adopting. One morning John was resting with their daughter on his chest.

Suddenly, he awoke in a panic to her crying. He had dozed off, and in his sleep his body had shifted so that he was now partially lying on the little girl.

In tears, John called his wife and the two examined the child together. Because they suspected she may have a broken collar bone, they agreed John should do as any parent would, doctor or not: take her in to the emergency room (which happened to be in the hospital where they both worked).

That is where their real nightmare began.

The attending physician, a friend of John and Sadie, knew this injury was not a result of abuse. But rather than show favoritism to his colleagues, he treated them as he would anyone else, alerting the child abuse pediatrics team to the injury. After all, since there was no abuse, it wouldn’t hurt anything to let the team confirm that, too.

But that is apparently not what the child abuse pediatrics team does.

Instead, they declared that the broken collar bone was clearly non-accidental, and they diagnosed the baby with “widespread contusions”—bruises all over her body.

The team called CPS, who accused John of abuse and whisked the couple’s baby away. That was nine months ago, and they haven’t gotten to see her since.

But that’s not the end of the injustice.

Two child abuse pediatricians testified in court that the broken collar bone and the widespread bruises were certain signs of abuse. It was their “medical diagnosis.” Nothing else could possibly have created these symptoms, and a child abuse specialist would know. Except that they were wrong.

No fewer than seven dermatologists examined the baby after she was brought in, and all seven agreed: what had been diagnoses as bruises were almost all birthmarks. At most there were three small bruises on her body, and these could have been from basic, even careful, handling if the child suffered from a blood condition that leads to easy bruising.

Four hematologists and the mother, herself a pediatric hematologist-oncologist, knew from the test results that such a condition was likely indicated. But one of the child abuse experts testified the child had no such condition.

That’s five blood experts and seven skin experts against the conclusion of only two doctors who are trained to find and support a conclusion of abuse, and only that conclusion.

And the courts have sided with the two. As John and Sadie found out, the system right now is blatantly unfair, and children are the ones who suffer most.

John and Sadie’s precious daughter is once again without a stable family to love and protect her. Why? Because the system is unjustly stacked against parents. “What has and is happening is not medicine,” Dr. Sadie Dobrozsi told NBC for their report. “It is ego and arrogance and power. And it has to end.”

Learn more at https://parentalrights.org/even-insiders-are-no-longer-safe/

Republished by permission of Parental Rights. 

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