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Black people living in the United States – just as here at home – are seen for what they should always have been seen; equals; with equal opportunities, equal access to health care, to education, to employment, to the pursuit of leading a comfortable, content life in a modern civilized society. Our individual problems do not reflect the colour of our skin, but the fact that we’re human.

The homeless black man one passes in the street has no less privilege than the homeless white man perched, begging cup-in-hand outside Morrisons.

Yet, at a time of such abundant colour-blind opportunity, in many a misguided mind a distorted alternative interpretation of the modern world exists. It is a world in shackles. A world wallowing in false victimhood sustained by politically-motivated mythical oppression-peddlers.

The air-conditioned workplaces and glistening shopping malls are replaced by 19th century Texan cotton fields. A crooked, violent cop is replaced for a hillbilly redneck white supremacist behind a well-polished sheriff’s badge.

Feelings become facts. Cuffs became chains.

And as this warped outlook takes hold – accelerated by the words and rants of blue tick liberals, hate-filled anti-hate activists, and antisocial socialists – ironically, an entire generation have become enslaved. Held back by synthetic bitterness and anger. Hunched over beneath the burden of resolved ancestral grudges and the weight of an oppression already lifted by their forbears. Real men. Men like William Wilberforce. Martin Luther King Jr. Or brave women like Rosa Parks.

Neither Parks nor King would ever condone the violence currently gripping Washington and Minnesota, or the unjustifiable screams of “scum” from the stretched mouths of Antifa fanatics towards Police officers in Manchester. They would be outraged. Outraged at the exploitation of the black rights movement by self-entitled millennials, looters and political agitators. Outraged at the politicising of George Floyd’s tragic murder as the result of police brutality (for we must remember that no evidence has to date been provided to support the idea that his death was racially-motivated). And outraged at the many mock-limped adolescents screaming wretchedly of hardship and struggle before heading home, kicking off their £200 Nike trainers, smoking cannabis in their warm beds, and pondering over who to blame for them being so hard done by.

Meanwhile, amid a mass shrugging of shoulders and the refusal to punish racism in all its forms – including anti-white sentiments – those who stir racial tensions for their own political or personal aims, have become further emboldened. Invincible. Protected by the shield of political correctness and a get-out-of-jail-free-card rubber-stamped ‘BAME’.

“The white British population has decreased by 600,000, while the minority population has increased by 1.2 million… so, yes lads; we’re winning!” popular left-wing commentator Ash Sarkar celebrated with a smug smirk in one of her recent viral videos, before giving the thumbs up.

“It’s time for white people to understand their whiteness” came a widely supported headline from Time magazine just this week.

“White people are the problem” a former Democrat Congress Candidate tweeted – reminding some of Diane Abbott’s infamous “white people divide and rule” remark.

The murder of a single black man has been the provocation for a united swarm of angry drones as smoke to a hive. In the midst of their buzzing, the news of Dave Underwood – the black Federal Officer gunned down just days ago during the violent protests in America, has conveniently been drowned out. Perhaps if his sad end had nestled into their narrative his life may also matter to the narrow-minded collective.

Since 2017, 223 black people and 457 white people have been shot and killed by police officer in the United States.  The majority of those killed had been armed at the time of their death.

While it is a fact that racism does exist, and that police brutality is a problem in urgent need of solving, one cannot help but think that if this really does boil down to anger over the discrimination or brutality shown to what are essentially a small number of black criminals who do not represent the majority, then shouldn’t the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ in fact be changed to ‘Black Criminals Matter’?

Buildings now burn. Defenseless female shop owners continue to be savagely beaten in the streets, and Antifa terrorists stoke the racial flames from London to D.C., it’s becoming clearer by the day that while King’s Selma march helped society step forward, self-described progressives ever persist, unchallenged, to drag us right back.

Reproduced from The Salisbury Review by permission.

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