If you’ve been following along with us, you’ll remember that back in November the mother of James Younger, the 7-year-old at the center of an ugly custody battle in Texas, requested the judge who upheld joint custody of Younger, be recused from the case.

Well, she got what she wanted.

The Dallas Morning News reports:

The judge in a Dallas child custody case has been removed, according to court documents, after posting about the case on Facebook.

Last week, Dallas County Judge Tena Callahan granted the recusal request from the child’s mother, Anne Georgulas, who says her 7-year-old is transgender.

Georgulas filed a motion seeking the recusal of Judge Kim Cooks after Cooks shared a Dallas Morning News story about the case on her official Facebook page in October.

Another user originally posted the story with the caption, “Here’s the truth! READ IT and THEN GO RUN TELL THAT!” In her post, Cooks said, “The Governor nor any legislature had any influence on the Court’s Decision.”

The post no longer appears on Cooks’ Facebook. She could not immediately be reached for comment.

Georgulas’ attorneys argued that Cooks should recuse herself because the post called into question her impartiality.

It’s really not clear what about Judge Cooks’ comment on her Facebook post revealed impartiality. She was simply stating a fact that no one intervened in the court’s decision making on the case. That was apparently all that was needed for Georgulas to jump on the opportunity to oust the judge who didn’t give her what she wanted.

“Given the presiding judge’s comments about the case on her social media accounts, we believe recusal was the appropriate response and are pleased with Judge Callahan’s order, which will mean a new judge now will make any remaining decisions in the case,” Chad Baruch, Georgulas’ attorney, said in an email.

Along with the November request for the judge’s recusal, her attorneys also filed a motion to conform to the jury’s verdict, which recommended she be given sole custody of James and his twin. The jury did not actually award sole custody to Georgulas but rather recommended the boys be under sole custody but not their father, Jeffery Younger’s, custody.

The jury’s recommendation is baffling, to say the least. How anyone, let alone 12 people, could sit and listen to the facts of this case and decide that James should not be under the sole custody of his father is mind-blowing. Georgulas started this entire legal battle because Younger refuses to “affirm” their son as a girl. The boy’s mother is doing everything she can to get the court to approve her transitioning of 7-year-old James.

In what seemed like a miracle, Cooks ruled to uphold joint custody, placed a gag order on both parents and ordered therapy for the family.

The Dallas Morning News continued:

She noted that Georgulas had not sought sole custody of the children and said that both parents will need to make decisions about the 7-year-old’s gender transition.

But Georgulas’ attorneys contend in the motion that the jury essentially granted her sole custody by denying it to Younger.

An administrative judge will appoint a new judge who will rule on the motion to conform to the jury’s verdict, Baruch said.

We can only hope that a new judge will have a solid moral compass and be unwilling to play into the politics of the transgender agenda. This is a little boy’s life we are talking about here. This isn’t about playing make-believe and doing “girl” things, Georgulas wants to make James into a girl and will no doubt push for her son to be put on dangerous drugs that will eventually chemically castrate him. His life is literally in the hands of the court.

Continue to pray over this case and for James Younger.

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