Now that that the US’ funding for the  World Health Organization hangs in the balance,  questions are being raised over just whose interests the globalist organization primarily promotes.

Millions of Americans have been laid off from their jobs and are dealing with crippling financial instability while small businesses are facing uncertain futures due to our government’s top health officials and their actions based on information they received early on from the WHO.

Even the controversial Dr. Anthony Fauci of the NIH has admitted to being “misled” by the WHO. Our entire economy has collapsed and the livelihood of millions of Americans is at severe risk thanks to information our government’s top health officials, specifically Dr. Fauci, received from the WHO.

Government watchdog group Judicial Watch has reported that they are taking action and have requested the release of Dr. Fauci’s full communications with the WHO to determine just how “misled” the doctor was and how that impacted the United States’ response to the virus.

From Judicial Watch:

Suing the NIH for the release of Dr. Fauci’s communications with the World Health Organization, Judicial Watch “wants answers”on what Dr. Fauci and his deputy, Dr. Lane were being told by the WHO and potentially, by China. Dr. Fauci claims to have been “misled” by the WHO, one of his early mistakes being his analysis “of how transmittable the virus was. In part, I’m sure that came from the Chinese,” Fitton states. These admissions have prompted Judicial Watch to represent the Daily Caller News Foundation in their seeking discovery of their full communications.

“In a crisis, transparency and the rule of law should not fall on the wayside,” Fitton states. In its fight to uphold transparency in government, Judicial Watch has already filed over 30 FOIA requests to receive complete records on the government’s response to the pandemic as well as information related to the “outrageous lockdowns” which Governors have imposed across the United States, who in Fitton’s words “have no lawful authority to shut down entire states.”

Judicial Watch believes it is imperative to investigate senior leadership in the National Institute of Health (NIH), from Dr. Fauci to Mr. Lane as it is “important to know what the WHO was telling our top medical officials,” Fitton concludes.

It is imperative that the full communications between the WHO and Dr. Fauci be released. Americans deserve to know the truth.

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  1. Fauci is such a lying FRAUD. He’s spent MILLIONS on worthless research, only to funnel money right back into his own pockets…just like Bill Gates, and his foundation, and so many others who have foundations that are just conduits to launder money back to themselves. Fauci is an ALLERGY doctor who it is rumored, hasn’t treated a patient in 20 years. And Gates isn’t anything, didn’t even graduate college…it’s about $$$$, power and control. NO VACCINE WILL PREVENT A VIRUS!!! In fact, taken year after year, the vaccines weaken our own immune system, to the point that these toxins that should NEVER be injected into our bodies, can cause our immune system to attack our body, causing chronic illness, disabilities, and even death. Just like the dirty Anthrax vaccine given to our military during the first Gulf war, causing exactly what I just listed…they called it the Gulf War Syndrome.

    Ask yourself why Gates would tell Trump during a meeting in 2017, after the president had voiced his concerns about the safety of vaccines and was considering forming a commission of epidemiologists, immunologists, virologists, and biologists to investigate vaccine safety, Gates said,…”It’s a dead end, Don’t do that.” WTH!?? Why wouldn’t Gates want his vaccines investigated. Especially if it would alleviate the concerns and fears of thousands and thousands of anti-vaxxers?? I’ll tell you why…his vaccines are dirty, they’re money-makers with only about 10% efficacy, and often do more harm than good! Curious about what’s in vaccines:

    During the press Corp CV19 Task Force reports to the public, Fauci stood on the stage, or slightly behind and to the side of a speaker, and even at the podium itself and gave and used the “Devil’s Horns” hand sign while talking or just standing while others spoke…he also gave the “As above, so below” satanic Baphomet hand sign. Skull and bones hand signs to others signalling he is one of them. John Kerry used to do it too and was called, “Long Devil”. You don’t have to believe me, just do your own research.

    And now, because of Fauci’s BS hyping of this viirus and Gate’s depopulation vaccine tyranny, Judicial Watch has filed suit against Fauci to get his communication records with the W.H.O….so I don’t buy anything Fauci or Gates say. These scum are deep state players who tried to destroy every sovereign country’s economy, freedom, and rights, and bring them under the tyrannical rule of the filthy nwo. And why exactly did Gates meet with Jeffrey Epstein numerous times, including at his Manhattan townhouse. Why did Gates have to donate $7.5 MILLION supposedly to MIT through Jeffrey Epstein?? Was it in actuality a “payoff” not to expose him for what he really is???

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