Thirty-nine people die in the back of the truck. Is this a reason to change our entire immigration system? You would think so if you listened to the outpourings of grief from Dianne Abbott and her morally outraged friends on the left.

Sept 2019: Labour’s annual conference in Brighton unanimously backed a motion that commits the party to “free movement, equality, and rights for migrants”. 

Today we learned that the thirty-nine dead were Chinese nationals.   Are we supposed to allow entry to all Chinese people? All 1.5 billion of them?  What happens if all 8 billion human beings in the world decide to stampede and arrive on our little Island?  That is actually what Labour is suggesting – that all 30 million Nepalese and 4 million Jamaicans and a 200m Nigerians can arrive and so on.   If they all arrived, it would take over 100 square miles of room for them just to stand up. Just imagine the sewerage and squalor and theft and crime and general misery.

Can you imagine if we actually did this unilaterally?  That we became the only Western country to allow a billion Indians to arrive? Every inbound flight would be instantly full for months.  Airlines would respond by adding more flights and if there was the thought of generous benefits, it would not matter what the cost of that flight was.  Paying £5000 for a one-way ticket from the capital cities of Bamako, Thimphu or Ouagadougou does not matter if you have the expectation of a million pounds of free benefits, courtesy of the poor, long-suffering taxpayer.

It wouldn’t be Brexit that would cause the pound to collapse 50% in an afternoon but Labour’s poor-house immigration policies.

The average social security claimant receives between £10,000 and £20,000 of grossed-up benefits when housing benefits, national insurance, free prescriptions, and other subsidies are taken into account. By that I mean, the amount that they would have had to earn if normal taxation rates applied to the benefit.  Some people have received much more. There was the case of the Somali family who were given a £2m house in Clerkenwell. Their effective benefit on just the house was £100,000 alone. Numerous cases of £250,000 of benefit fraud abound.

If just a million people claim benefits at £20,000 for 50 years, that is £1 trillion.

If ten million people claim, the taxpayer gets a £10 trillion bill.  It puts a few billion for Brexit into perspective.

We have been here as a country before. When we decided to allow citizens of the Commonwealth to arrive with free access in the 1950s, the civil service and government thought no one would come and was surprised when they did.  Exactly the same thing happened when we allowed East European migrants to arrive – the ‘no one will come’ turned into a flood of millions.

Deaths are awful but we could stop them easily.  Australia has shown that. Singapore is surrounded by poor countries but has never had a problem with illegal migration.  Why? Automatic deportation, no asylum, and no benefits – do that and the deaths and illegal migrants stop overnight. Why pay when you will get absolutely nothing but a lot of hassle and arrest.

How much did it cost to get all the way from China via numerous countries and to pay smugglers?  £10,000? £20,000? Maybe more.

And why is it worth it?  Because we are such a soft touch.  Just 6% of all illegal immigrants crossing into Britain are deported according to Breitbart.  We might as well advertise, ‘Come and collect your £250,000’ in benefits on a billboard in Kathmandu.   You have almost zero chance of being deported.

Losing your job, living in a crime-plagued area, not getting your child into a school because the priority has been given to people who have just arrived upset and trouble people greatly.  Many cannot cope with the rapid transformation of their beloved country. Does anyone think about this?

Labour opened the gates a few inches last time when they were in power admitting half a million a year. But then the party was led by Tony Blair, now it is led by a Marxist fanatic who believes that national borders are a capitalist tool to oppress the world’s working classes and should be dispensed with.

Remember this when you enter the polling station at the next election and what a Labour victory would mean.

Author: Catherine Blaiklock

First published in The Salisbury Review:

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