The original vision for Technical Politics has always been something a little different from a regular news website.

Our goal was to provide a source of information for the little-noticed statutory instruments, local council regulations, county bylaws, and executive orders that continually impact our day-to-day lives in divers manners.

Thanks to the increasing volume and complexity of legislation, and a news cycle driven by gotcha takedowns and cancel culture, even primary legislation emanating from the parliaments of the great powers is being ignored or glossed over.

We don’t blame editors for this: they need clicks, sales and subscriptions to keep journalists paid. But there’s a need for something different.

Every weekday, TP Insider will bring you a summary of the reports, hearings, regulations, bills, laws, orders, consultations, decisions, rulings, research papers, statistics, manifestos, speeches, statements, press releases, declarations, treaties output over the previous 72 hours. 

We offer background, context and comment where it is merited, but by-and-large, we will let the sources speak for themselves.

Where we do comment, it is often be to critique government overspend, waste and largesse, or examples of overregulation and micro-management by the administrative state.

Your daily TP Insider email will contain links to the texts referenced to encourage you to read the source material for yourself.

The service costs $13.50 a month, or $10 a month if you purchase an annual subscription upfront.

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We don’t have staff writer vacancies at present, but if you might be interested in writing for us in the future, drop me an email.

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