In spite of their insistence that issues concerning women are of great importance to them,  174 out of the 232 House Democrats rejected a bill that would aim to protect women and children from being victimized by convicted sexual predators and terrorists working for the Transportation Security Agency (TSA).

Last Thursday, House Republicans and 42 Democrats joined together to pass an amendment to the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act that would prevent people who have been convicted of sexual assault, terrorism and other violent crimes from obtaining employment with the TSA.

It seems like a no-brainer yet these 174 Democrats, including House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, voted against the amendment which was authored by Democratic Rep. Lauren Underwood (D-IL).

The Dem rejection of the law prompted criticism from Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy who noted that the party seems to be allowing the notorious, progressive “Squad” of controversial freshman congresswomen to lead the party. Indeed, every member of this  “Squad” voted against the amendment and Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA), who has long been criticized for failing to keep these younger members in check, did not even cast a vote. The “Squad” is made up of Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA).

McCarthy told the Washington Free Beacon Thursday, “[The amendment] was pulled back by leadership because the socialist wing of the party did not want to have that amendment go forward on this bill.”

He added, “When it was offered, overwhelmingly the majority of the House would like to see the TSA not hire terrorists or those who have been convicted of sexual misconduct with minors and others. But the socialist wing of the party, that controls now the Democratic Party, said that that could not be offered.”

One top Republican aide pointed to the sheer hypocrisy of the matter, telling the Free Beacon, “It’s no surprise that Democrat logic in 2020 means taking marching orders from Justice Democrats to give TSA the ability to hire the Harvey Weinsteins of the world.”

“A ‘second chance’ for sex offenders shouldn’t include patting down traveling families,” they added.

Clearly,  the “Squad” and 170 other Democrats don’t agree.

Under the Rights for Transportation Security Officers Act, TSA officers are protected from unfair payroll discrimination, among other things, but there are no safeguards in place for the millions of citizens who find themselves under TSA’s scrutiny while traveling.

Arizona Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko said the legislation was necessary considering some of the behavior of TSA screeners, one of whom used his position to order a woman to disrobe while she went through security.

“Fortunately, this offender was immediately fired by the TSA. However, under this bill … this predator could be on the federal payroll for months or even years,” Lesko said, according to the Free Beacon.

“We have two options today: Adopt the Underwood amendment and keep sexual predators off of the federal payroll, or reject it and reward sexual predators with a paycheck from the taxpayer,” she stated.

Sexual predators and terrorists should absolutely not be working for the TSA and given the opportunity to be in a position of authority over women and children. This is common sense yet thanks to the contradictory “woke” culture of the left, a big majority of Democrats apparently think it’s more important to protect criminals.

Thankfully, the amendment was passed but this is just another instance that highlights the importance of ridding the House of this trending radicalism in 2020.

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