On 24 April 2019, British Peer, Lord McCrea of Magherafelt and Cookstown tore into the British Government for ignoring Christian tradition and the wishes of British parents in continuing to pursue its Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (England) Regulations 2019 legislation.

Discussing the legislation, Lord McCrea asked “after the responses were given, suggesting a high level of opposition to the Government’s plans, one has to ask: what is the use? Had the majority of the responses been in a different direction, they would have been greatly used as evidence for why we should move forward with this legislation. But, of course, they were not. It seems strange that the Government have downplayed the responses, which are certainly very interesting and thought-provoking.”

In the theological argument that followed, Lord McCrea made the point that children were given by God to parents, and as such parents had a responsibility for how they were raised, a responsibility that they were not at liberty in the final analysis to outsource to the state.

He continued:

I noted that the noble Baroness, Lady Barker, said that she wished she could trust every parent. I wish I could trust every person. I wish I could trust the state. Do we undermine parents—those who desire to honestly and honourably train up their children and fulfil their God-given responsibility to raise them in the fear, nurture and admonition of the Lord? Parental responsibility must be maintained and parental rights of withdrawal from sex education ought also to be maintained.

He also pointed to the hypocrisy of the Government for expressing concern at the persecution of Christians, at the same time as failing to show respect for standard Christian viewpoints when these were expressed in the House.

Rather than the wishes of parents being preeminent, Lord McCrea continued, “the headmaster is given a greater responsibility and authority over the parent.”


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