So many people experience power outages in winter, and if you do, a lack of a backup source of heat won’t be your only concern!  Food preparations should be made in advance before a winter storm strikes so you are well prepared for a few days or longer without power.

Alternative Cooking Source

Just as you should have some sort of alternative source of heat, you should have some kind of alternative cooking method.  If the power goes out and you cannot use your electric stove, you will need to be able to cook your food another way or eat it cold.  I suggest you grab an inexpensive camping stove and fuel or some other product that will give you the capability of cooking during a power outage. If you already have an outdoor grill, you can just fire that up in the winter, but make sure to keep some charcoal or propane on hand so you can cook with it. You have a lot more food options if you have the ability to heat your meals. You also might find yourself with a need to boil water to sterilize it for drinking, so I wouldn’t want to be caught without any way of cooking. You are going to want a simple handheld, manual can opener as well.

Don’t Store Foods You Won’t Eat

This should go without saying, however, when people fear a power outage or a storm, they tend to stock up on things they won’t ever use. If you don’t drink milk or eat bread, don’t just buy it “just because” it’s what people buy when there’s a storm coming. Get things that are nutrient-dense, yet easy to prepare – like good quality canned soups.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

Once there’s a warning that a storm is inbound and likely to take out the power in your area, it’ll be too late.  People will rush to the grocery store to try to stock up on food at the last minute.  If you are one of them, you’ll be stuck with whatever is left while fighting crowds of people attempting to prevent hunger. Stock up throughout the year, when things go on sale.  Not only will you save money, but you will also already be prepared for the power outage and won’t have to rush to the store.

Make Several Meals At Once To Freeze

I make chili.  I use at least four cans of beans and two pounds of ground beef. Throw in some carrots and celery or any other vegetables you like and make it in advance.  Then separate the chili into containers and freeze it.  All you’ll have to do once a storm takes out your power is fire up your grill or camp stove, and heat up your homemade chili. And it doesn’t have to be chili.  You can make anything you like and have it ready for the next storm.  Good quality meals can be made well in advance and can take some of the stress off random incidents of lost power.

Hopefully, these tips will help you eat well if the power goes out during the winter.  Remember, hearty meals that will keep you warm and satisfied will be your best bet during those cold winter months!

By Mac Slavo via Original article.

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