Local Saudi news agencies are reporting that a major fire broke out at Jeddah Haramain Station at 29 September 2019, at 12.35pm local time.

The station – designed by Norman + Partners – was part of the Haramain high-speed railway, which was opened by King Salman in September 2019. Back in 2012, it was reported that the budget for the Jeddah Haramain Station was $773m, although it is clear from later reporting that the Haramain railway project as a whole had run significantly overbudget.

The fire appears to have engulfed the entirety of the station complex, and there are reports in various news outlets of eleven people being injured in it.

Videos on Twitter the following day show that the internal damage is extensive, and the cost to replace or repair the structure are not at this point clear. The station closure will affect transport links to the nearby cities of Mecca and Medina.

No official word has been released yet as to the cause of the fire.

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