House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) officially endorsed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for President in a video posted to social media on Monday, calling  the former Vice President  is a “voice of reason.”

Pelosi declared Biden is  “a leader who is the personification of hope and courage, values, authenticity, and integrity,” despite the fact that he is facing credible allegations of sexual assault from his former Senate staffer, Tara Reade.

“I am proud to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States because he will be an extraordinary president,” Pelosi said. “He knows how to get the job done.”

“When our nation faced the Great Recession, it was Joe Biden who led the implementation – and the accountability – of the Recovery Act, helping create and save millions of jobs. When the Democratic Congress was passing the Affordable Care Act, Joe Biden was a partner for progress in the White House and also championed the Cancer Moonshot,” she continued.

Pelosi’s endorsement comes after Barack Obama announced his support for Biden after waiting until Biden was essentially the last man standing.

Interestingly, Pelosi’s endorsement also comes after convincing new evidence emerged over the weekend which supports Reade’s claims that Biden sexually assaulted her in the 90s when she was working for the then-Senator. In a 1993 video of CNN’s Larry King Live, first reported on by The Intercept, a woman who Reade has since identified as her mother is heard explaining her daughter’s “problems” with a “prominent Senator” with the show’s panel.

“I’m wondering what a staffer would do besides go to the press in Washington? My daughter has just left there, after working for a prominent senator, and could not get through with her problems at all, and the only thing she could have done was go to the press, and she chose not to do it out of respect for him,” Reade’s mother says in the video.

As Breitbart has reported, Biden’s campaign is denying the allegations Reade has made that he forcibly penetrated her in a hallway in the Capitol building. Not only is Biden’s camp denying the allegation, but the vast majority of major Democrats in Washington are refusing to even acknowledge it. This is a stark contrast to 2017’s #MeToo movement and “Believe Women” campaign in which Democrats demanded that women who alleged sexual abuse or assault were to be emphatically believed and supported without question.

This is Democrat hypocrisy at its finest. Pelosi, as the most powerful Democrat in Washington, certainly won’t risk alienating the party’s presumptive nominee, nor will the dozens of other powerful Democrats who refuse to comment on this massive scandal. Predictable! The party is being destroyed by the standards they themselves set when it was politically expedient for them to do so, now, it is anything but.

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