As restrictions continue, the oft-repeated mantra – “just three weeks to flatten the curve” – that has clearly become  a control mechanism, which may be deployed at a moment’s notice at the whim of government.  Whatever your views are on how, when and why Covid 19 reached our shores, and how one modelling graph from Imperial College (now understood to have been hugely inaccurate) facilitated the arrival of globalised measures to deal with the pandemic, it’s not the mockingbird media machine or big tech and global governments which are up for immediate debate here.

What is up for discussion as a matter of urgency, is the elephant which has barrelled into the room, namely vaccine passports for all. This onslaught, if not yet universally obligatory, is the next step in the mission creep coming off the back of the mass vaccination programme, which has become the obsession of almost all governments around our globe. Vaccine passports, like the vaccines themselves, are now being actively pushed as part of the “new normal”. Being precluded from employment, or barred from entry to social events, venues or travel, are extremely coercive population control instruments.  Social influences and peer pressure can also be pretty compelling, particularly when friends and colleagues start berating or shunning because you don’t want to “conform”.

Why have alternative treatments such as Ivermectin been – apparently – actively suppressed, leaving vaccines as the only option discussed publicly as the means to ‘get us back to normal’? How suddenly and swiftly has the insidious scenario of vaccine passports crept in, with relatively little public opposition – a form of compelled data-sharing under any other name – which in pre-pandemic times would certainly have elicited major protest. It feels, to me, as if we are being swept along on a slow march to totalitarian state control.

A lot of money can be made out of fear, and much control can be exercised through the age-old tactics of divide and conquer.

There appears to be a bifurcation. The majority seem to be accepting the pushing of the passports because they are either fearful of Covid, or else worry that they won’t be able to go on holiday without one, or ever see restrictions lifted and live normally again. But an increasing minority are seeing these coercive tactics as akin to the Childcatcher and his lollipops from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.   Incredibly, it is ice cream and doughnuts that have been the lure of choice offered to young people in the US.  Even in Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser is offering AirPods, gift vouchers and scholarship cash if you get the jab.1 In Scotland, our young are being offered vouchers to entice them to get injected themselves with a cocktail of…well, who knows what? We have no long term safety data, and only conditional approval from the UK Government’s competent authority, the MHRA.

Furthermore, our children are forced to wear their facemasks all day in class, and yet we can all sit in the pub happily without one.  Dr Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD, a Harley Street consultant neurologist with a special interest in neurotoxicology and environmental medicine, said in an article for The Light Paper, “To deprive a child’s or an adolescent’s brain of oxygen, or to restrict in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal… damage that has taken place in the brain cannot be reversed.” Where’s the public debate on this?

Vaccine passports are only valid if every country signs up to the same.  In a big city with people from all over the world visiting, how can vaccine passports be policed for everyone? We are already seeing cases of the invalidity of ‘double-jabbed’ passports, with a third jab now being mooted.    How many jabs are deemed right and proper to ‘have a normal life’?  Clearly two is not enough. The “FACTS” must still be adhered to, or, we’re told, we’re at risk of catching and spreading Covid. The circle is indeed, a vicious one.

The desperate need for normality has fuelled both the vaccination programme (whatever your views on this) and now the vaccine passport agenda, in a runaway gravy train demanding “pain for gain”, with no clear destination in sight.

As the curtains are slowly pulled back on various stage floors, the wizard will be revealed: an orchestrated programme of control dressed up as ‘safety measures’, to present a show of Covid passports in the form of digital ID, all whipped up by a hyperbolized maelstrom of fear.

Was this the ultimate game plan all along?  Or is that just another conspiracy theory?

How much longer must we wait to find out?

A reckoning is coming.

Elaine Hill


  1. The Hill, 7/8/21

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