Nick Sandmann is an incredibly brave young man.

He never asked to be at the center of the nation’s attention last year. He never asked Nathan Phillips to shout and bang a drum in his face. He never asked for the wrath of the liberal media that defamed him and called for his “punchable” head on a pike.

In spite of all this, the young man continues to pursue justice for the unborn, and last week he shared photos of his return to March For Life.

“I will never pass on an opportunity to March for Life!” Sandmann said, captioning a handful of photos of himself and friends at the 47th iteration of the massive pro-life rally.

“It was a moving experience,” Sandmann said of the march in an interview with Todd Starnes. “It brought back a lot of memories but it was definitely worth it.”

Sandmann also lauded President Donald Trump who spoke at the march.

“I was proud of the way he stood for the pro-life movement,” he said. “I thought it was one of his best speeches in the history of his presidency.”

Sandmann continued to be berated as a “white supremacist in training” by Bishop Talbert Swan, an NAACP leader, for his Starnes interview.

Still, Sandmann remained a class act and simply told the bishop, “I pray for blue checkmark bullies like you, ‘Bishop.’”

Sandmann and his classmates at Kentucky’s Covington Catholic High School skyrocketed to notoriety this time last year when the boys were featured in a heavily edited viral video that seemed to show them mocking Phillips and several Native American demonstrators at the Lincoln Memorial.

The liberal media leapt into action, denouncing the boys, some of which were seen wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats, as white supremacists. CNN, in particular, abruptly broke the story claiming that the boys were taunting and mocking Phillips.

Shortly thereafter, however, additional footage and firsthand accounts revealed that the boys first had been accosted by a group of so-called Black Hebrew Israelites while waiting for their bus. In an effort to drown out their racist taunts, the boys shouted some of their school chants. It was then that Phillips waded into the group and decided to beat a drum just inches from Sandmann’s face.

Rather than turn Phillips’ glasses into contacts like many teen boys might have liked to do, Sandmann stood his ground, calmly smiling at Phillips.

Sandmann recalled the fateful event in a tweet a week ahead of this year’s march.

“Exactly one year ago today, Nathan Phillips approached after the March For Life in Washington, D.C.” Sandmann said. “Today I stood in the exact same spot I had year ago and did my first fair interview compared to the setup @ NBC. I won’t ever be bullied or surrender. Thanks for all your support”

Praise God for the legions of young men and women like Sandmann rising up! This is the payoff of training your children to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with our God.

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