Viktor Orbán laid out his concerns about the persecution of Christians globally, and Europe’s inability to protect its borders, in a meeting yesterday with Marc Fromager, National Director of Aid to the Church in Need.

Mr. Fromager who has been to the Middle East on many occasions, said that radical Muslims mostly destroy holy objects and holy places. “For persecuted Christians the whole year is Lent, every single day is Good Friday, he said, adding that according to estimates some 200 million Christians, meaning 10 per cent of the followers of Christ are unable to exercise their faith in complete freedom.”1

According to a press release from the Hungarian Government, “Mr Orbán and Mr Fromager agreed that, together with migrants, the West’s immigration policy also imports the problems of the Middle East. For instance, France already has “lost territories” where instead of the State, Salafist preachers lay down the law, they highlighted.”

It continued:

According to Mr Fromager, every country must approach the refugee issue according to its own specific features. He said the media and Brussels seek to make the Hungarian people feel guilty. Today, however, even average French citizens are ever more suspicious about what they read and see in the press, are concerned about the migration invasion, and so they understand ever more easily that the Hungarian people have a right to protect their borders, the ACN director said quoting from an earlier speech.

He agreed with the Hungarian Prime Minister that the best method of Christian aid is to do everything possible for peace on the ground, in conflict-ridden regions. Those who flee from war situations to camps located near the borders have a chance to go back home; however, those who come to Europe will never return.

Mr Orbán and Mr Fromager also exchanged views on Europe’s demographic crisis, and concluded that there are two solutions to managing it. Either we encourage births by placing the interests of families in the focus of politics, or we encourage ever further flows of migration. Today Western Europe only resorts to the latter solution, but by doing so they jeopardise the continent’s future, the parties highlighted at the meeting.2

While Orbán not see repatriation as an option, others such as Matteo Salvini have gone as far as to pledge to repatriate 500,000 migrants to Italy to their home countries.3


  1. Salvini ‘exaggerated’ with pledge to repatriate 500,000 migrants says League colleague.
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  3. Salvini ‘exaggerated’ with pledge to repatriate 500,000 migrants says League colleague.
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