In a sermon to his grandchildren to mark Pascha 2020, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda encouraged them to embrace their Biblical mandate to establish dominion over nature, and to pursue scientific disciplines.

An old earth creationist, the President pointed out that the Bible and the science of the origins of the universe are two different approaches to explaining the same event, and are complimentary approaches. Moreover, the Bible and science are also complimentary in their ability to explain human nature, including by illuminating our relationship to nature as a whole.

Science says that you are superior and God says that you are superior. Where is the material difference, difference in substance? Both authorities (God and Science) call you so…

He continued by stressing that the biblical mandate to exercise dominion over nature extends to viruses and disease, and that as result of this mandate it is imperative on humans to engage in pharmaceutical and medical research.

So, your first job is to study. Study! Study! Study! Studying is given to you by God. It is an assignment given to you by God. If you don’t study and you are there just enjoying and you are lazy, you are not doing what God told you to do.

Relating the Parable of the Talents to the members of his family, he implored them to use their God-given capabilities for the sake of humanity, and stressed that they would not achieve anything worthwhile in life without sobriety, chastity and hard work.

So you cannot use your talents fully if you are not disciplined.

You can read the full sermon here.

Picture source: @KagutaMuseveni

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