A vicious rapist and murderer in Canada has apparently just figured out the ticket to taking the edge off his lengthy prison sentence: begin wearing women’s clothes and identify as transgender.

According to The Toronto Sun, convicted child rapist and killer Michael Williams was one of five perpetrators who kidnapped 13-year-old Nina Courtepatte in April of 2005 and took her to a golf course near Edmonton, Alberta where they proceeded to rape and torture her. After she was raped, Courtepatte was strangled, stabbed, and beaten to death with a hammer, at which point, Williams, who was 17 at the time, earned the nickname “Pyro” by attempting to set her on fire.

Williams’ crimes were so inhumane that even Canada’s notoriously lax justice system sentenced the teen to life in prison. “She died in the darkness of night on a cold, hard field without any comfort but rather in the company of Michael Williams and others who tormented, beat and raped her in a vicious and senseless act of violence,” said Judge Franklin at the time. “Michael Williams seemingly felt nothing.”

For the last fifteen years, Williams festered away in prison until, much to his delight, the transgenderism trend hit and criminals likely began to see an advantage in identifying as women.

The Sun reports:

Prison sources told The Toronto Sun he is having the time of his life…Williams self-identifies as a woman although one source said his nod to the fairer sex is cursory at best. “He is now sitting in segregation at Kent awaiting transfer to FVI (Fraser Valley Institute women’s prison),” one source said. “He was at FVI before but got transferred back to Kent because he got caught having sexual relations with female inmates.”

Williams remains a fully-intact male and “only takes hormone replacement therapy drugs two weeks a month so he can maintain an erection.”

A bra and a crop top are the only nods to Williams’ newfound feminity.

As The Sun has recently reported, the criteria for a male jailbird to declare themselves trans is woefully thin. Five questions. That’s it.

And the inmates being transferred are sometimes violent sexual predators who have suddenly seen the error of their ways.

A source even told the Sun that Williams was “determined to be at high risk to offend violently…I fear for the women that will soon be [exposed] to him. We need to stop this.”

How can any civilized society endure this kind of anarchy?

If our vilest, most heinous criminals can so brazenly claim to be women in what we can only imagine is an attempt to game the system, what does that tell the perverts and creeps who aren’t behind bars?

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