Conference goers now have to be wary that robots will identify them everywhere they go.

Corporations can now rent Chinese-made CloudMinds robots that can identify everyone on the conference floor. (To learn more about CloudMinds and China click here & here.)

CloudMinds mission is to “make helpful robot services possible and to make them safe, secure and affordable.” While their hidden mission is to help governments identify everyone.

According to CloudMinds “About Us” page, their so-called values are to convince employees, moms, dads and their children to trust rentable emotion and facial recognition robots.

Their rent-a-robot program allows business owners to choose between “Cloud Pepper” and the “XR-1” emotion and facial recognition robots.

The Cloud Pepper robot, based on SoftBank Robotics, is being billed as the world’s first personal humanoid robot.

“The first of its kind of novel humanoid robot. This robot is able to converse, dance, answer questions and even suggest related products. With the addition of the Harix AI platform, we are able to add functionality to SoftBank’s Pepper robot. These added functionalities include facial recognition, emotion recognition, text to speech, weather data, and with many more to come.”

XR-1 emotion and facial recognition robot

What makes these robots truly frightening is that they will have access to an ever-growing number of skills and will work together to share information.

As Cloud Mind’s CEO, Bill Huang said in his Scientific American article, “millions of robots can share this brain (cloud network) and train and learn together.”

What does this mean for privacy?

Once your image is uploaded to the cloud, other robots can use it to identify you wherever you go.

Any AI system connected to the cloud, gives Big Brother the ability to identify an individual in milliseconds: meaning there will be nowhere left to hide.

Since its inception in 2015, CloudMinds robots have spread to 6 continents and 25 countries, with major offices in the U.S., China and Japan.

CloudMinds “Industry” page also revealed that they plan on using emotion and facial recognition robots in stores, hotels, hospitals, sporting events, movie theaters, transportation hubs, and restaurants.

As CloudMinds revealed, the battle for our biometric privacy is not lost. “Higher levels of trust are required, beyond what tech companies have achieved to date.”

Biometrics companies need to convince the public that emotion and facial recognition can be trusted.

Corporations are in the business of making money, and they do that by selling your biometric identity to advertisers, data brokers and governments.

No amount of trust, can hide the fact that biometric identification is about knowing who you are and where you are at all times. It is not too late to tell corporations and governments that we no longer believe their lies.

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