For those of us who have not been brainwashed by the pervasive LGBT agenda, we easily recognize that to so-called medically transition children has permanent and dangerous effects and that children are just simply not mature enough to make these kinds of life-altering decisions. Yet, in case after case across America, parents are pushing their vulnerable and impressionable children right into the lion’s den where enlightened and “woke” doctors are eager to use them in medical, Frankenstein-like procedures and treatments.

Now, lawmakers around the country are being forced to consider drafting legislation to protect children from these monstrosities. State representatives in South Dakota, being led by State Rep. Fred Deutsch (R-Florence), are considering a bill that would ban doctors from performing gender transition operations and providing other such treatments on minors.

AP News reports:

A bill introduced Tuesday in the Republican-dominated Legislature would make it a felony for medical providers to perform operations or administer hormone therapy to help minors change their gender. The proposed law would not apply to children born with ambiguous or conflicting genitalia.

Rep. Fred Deutsch, a Florence Republican, introduced the bill in the House on the first day of the legislative session with more than 40 co-sponsors. He called the proposed law a “pause button” for minors who want to get a transgender operation.

“The changes are overwhelming and life-changing. Children need to wait until they’re mature to do it,” Deutsch said.

The lawmaker called gender-transition operations and hormone therapy “dangerous” because of the psychological and physical toll it takes on minors. He said the bill would not interfere with children’s ability to “socially transition,” in which a person may take on the dress, name or behavior of their chosen gender.

As to be expected, state Democratic legislative leaders have already said they will oppose the bill.

Rep. Kelly Sullivan, a Sioux Falls Democrat, stated the measure is a “waste of time by Republicans” since, as she claims, she is not aware of any medical centers that provide gender-transition treatments for minors in the state. Sullivan also contends that the bill would interfere in the doctor-patient relationship and that these decisions should be between doctors, patients, and families.

Deutsch disputes Sullivan’s claim that there are no medical centers providing gender-transition treatments asserting he has found several instances of doctors doing just this in Sioux Falls.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has chimed in, claiming the bill will only “harm” transgender youth. “[Transgender] kids and families should be given the opportunity to thrive in South Dakota,” Libby Skarin, policy director for the ACLU of South Dakota, said in a statement. “This legislation only stands to harm them and make their lives harder.”

As we reported on back in November, other states, such as Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky, have started to introduce legislation aimed at protecting children from irreversible gender-transition treatments and bodily mutilation along with lifetimes of self-loathing and despair.

AP News goes on to report:

The Endocrine Society, which is the leading professional organization for doctors who specialize in hormones, does not recommend gender-transition medical treatment before puberty for children who do not identify with their biological gender. For youths experiencing puberty and older adolescents, the Endocrine Society recommends that a team composed of expert medical professionals and mental health professionals manages treatment.

Despite this recommendation of medical experts not to subject underage children to this dangerous medical approach to a serious mental illness, the Democrats are hell-bent on ensuring the transgender ideology flourishes in the US, claiming as many vulnerable children as possible.

These Republican lawmakers are on the right track with the start of much needed and necessary legislative measures to protect children from this kind of medical abuse, especially when their own parents are eager to offer them up on the altar of sexual progressivism.

We can only hope other states will be encouraged to follow suit and resist the LGBT-takeover of America.

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Picture by Samir Luther – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link.

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