A series of disturbing, sexually-oriented games played by students at a Spokane, Washington middle school has only just come to light after it was discovered that school administrators were aware of the games for years.

A leaked memo dated November 2019 and obtained by KXLY revealed a years-long pattern of games featuring unwanted touching by students. According to KXLY, however, select parents were only notified last week.

Parents, students, and staff at Shaw confirmed to KXLY that children have been playing a game they call “Molest Me Mondays.”

Later in the week, the games include “T***y Slap Tuesdays,” “W****r Whap Wednesdays,” “Thigh Slap Thursdays” and “Free-for-all Fridays” or “Flip Up Fridays.”

KXLY reports:

Staff knew about the game and the memo showed a student told an adult she was uncomfortable. That student said the inappropriate touching involved in the game often takes place in private areas of the school. Sometimes, it even involves getting followed into the bathroom, where another student will try to do inappropriate things.

A student said she was touched in one of these games and, though she did not like the feeling, she did not report it.

When asked why, she said it was “just a game.”

Though she could explain what happened in this game, it was not clear if she understood the actions involved were wrong. It is clear, though, that it fits the definition of sexual assault.

Spokane Public Schools Spokesperson Brian Coddington admitted in an interview with KXLY that the game has been played by students on and off for years.

“This behavior is occurring covertly. It doesn’t happen in front of staff members,” Coddington said. The school had previously tried to address the problem by adding supervisors to hallways during passing periods and providing additional training for staff.

It wasn’t until last week, however, that parents of students involved in these games were notified, Coddington said.


A concerned mother, who spoke with KXLY on the condition of anonymity, says that the school should have notified all parents of the incidents.

“The people I got a hold of were like, really hot and mad and uptight,” she said.

Another anonymous mother told KXLY that her daughter was one of many students who were very reluctant to speak up about the abuse and harassment they had witnessed or experienced.

“She was really nervous at telling me what was going on, but she told me that there was a game going on,” she said. “She knows that her friends are getting touched and not in a right, appropriate way, so again, she was mad about it and she was really afraid to tell me.”

I don’t know which is worse, the fact that children are touching each other in this manner, that society has bred such perversion, that it’s happening within the walls of a school, or that the school didn’t notify every parent in the district at the first report of these “games”!!

If this all-around failure by Shaw administrators doesn’t motivate you to pull your children out of these schools, I don’t know what will!

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